Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Black Wolf of Grief

The black wolf
of grief
has come to live
in my heart.
The riverside
is lonely,
the forest trails
too silent
without you
-for so many years-
running along
ahead of me.

Where have you gone?
I keep waiting
to feel
your presence.

There is an
too large
to bear
since you
are gone.

The winterscape
inside my heart
is bleak.
Bare brittle twigs
have formed
a shelter there
to shield
my love for you.
Your sad wise
concerned eyes
look at me
from your photo,
as if you already knew
this day would come,
and were
about me.

What is the secret
that you are trying
to tell me?
How do I
fill such an absence,
when it is a space
that only you
can fill?

Come in a dream
and give to me
your message,
something of you
that I can
hold on to.

This black wolf
of grief
is cold
as the winds of
Her howl,
let loose,
would rattle
the windows
and shiver the eaves.

I walk alone
under bare-branched trees
by a silent river.
How much longer
I see you
once more
up ahead
for me?


  1. Sherry, this ripped my heart out, your sorrow is so evident. I am so sorry.


  2. This beautiful and deeply heartbreaking poem truly captures your pain Sherry. I am sure that this wonderful black wolf will visit your dreams....

  3. I hope he will. Hard day today. But grief is a process. One can only move through it, not fight it. The interesting thing is he seems to have wakened up a wild wolf woman inside me. I keep waiting to see what she says next:) It's kinda cool.

  4. Hello, Sherry, I teared up on this one. So sweet.

  5. A wolf: rather large and friendly and when its gone, too much space to fill. The void seems too voluminous to be filled and grief seems too powerful to be overcome. But then, as time elapses, grief will become a fond memory. Just let it become fond memory and let time do what it has to do and the void will become smaller.
    Beautiful poem. The grief is beautifully brought out.

  6. This is grief layed bare. I feel for you, my friend. And you are so right. Don't fight it, let it take you where it will and you will find peace.


  7. I hope writing about Pup, helps heal the dark despair in your heart! I can so feel the pain! He was truly an unique dog and blessed to have you respect and treat him as he should be! I do hope he visits you in your dreams~xXx

    Beautifully Written~

  8. I felt like all the color had gone out of the world when Sundance passed. It does get better, but as you say, it takes time, and it hurts.

  9. So sorry. I feel your pain, having felt a loss as well. Very nicely expressed.


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