Monday, February 7, 2011

Singing for Mother Earth

This song, Shallow Waters, is sung by ten year old  Ta'Kaiya Blaney, of the British Columbia Sliammon First Nations. The song was a semi-finalist in the 2010 David Suzuki Songwriting Contest.

Her interests are singing, songwriting, acting, and she is concerned with the environment, especially the preservation of  marine and coastal wildlife.

She just blew my heart wide open with her talent, a pure gift, and her beautiful spirit. If you feel like a little cry, feel like really loving and hoping for this planet, watch this shining little girl sing of her love for the earth.

Wow. Indigo Child for sure. When a pure spirit like this sings truth in a voice which is pure gift, the consciousness on the planet can only rise. Keep shining, Ta'Kaiya!

I dont know how to make this fit my space, so apologies for the overlap:)


  1. Thank you so much for including Ta'Kaiya's music video on your website. Ta'Kaiya is very excited to have someone besides her family put her work on their website. Ta'Kaiya and we...her parents...hold our hands up to you in thanks.

    Ta'Kaiya, Del, and Anne

  2. "If we do nothing, it'll all be gone." Time now to listen to the children. Beautiful Sherry and thanks so much for sharing this,


  3. Ta'Kaiya, Del and Anne, it is an honor to share the voice of this beautiful child,and her message of love and concern for the natural world. She is singing for the trees, for the animals, for all of the wild places, in danger of vanishing. She is singing for us all, and we weep to hear her. Kleco for your message:)

  4. David Suzuki emailed us today and said how much he liked the video and that we need to send it to other organizations. It was a pleasant surprise.
    Del, Anne, and Ta'Kaiya

  5. Anne, that is wonderful. I dont have any way to email you - might you email me? (click on View my profile, there is an email link there). I was thinking this morning that either Global or the Vancouver Island TV stations might feature Ta' know how they often feature a singer at the end of the morning news????? I will try to contact you through your youtube site......I have been singing that song ever since I heard it, it is so beautiful.......and painfully sad, for those of us who so love Mother Earth!

  6. How wonderful, Sherry...this was just what I needed today! Such a voice and such a message...we will certainly hear more from Ta'Kaiya...hers is a spirit the world needs to embrace...she is our future.


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