Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weary Wolf Woman

[image from google]

There is a weary old
grizzled wolf-woman
come to live in my heart.
She wishes to speak:

"It has been such
a long hard journey
to reach this peaceful cave
where I can rest.

For years, I was hunted,
brought down many times,
till I managed to flee.

Once a forest burned
around me
and, in the cold times,
I slept in snow burrows
and felt the ice
and the hunger
to my very soul.

I have been wounded,
and healed,
even trapped, for a time.
Oh, how I railed
and flailed
against the bars
of that cage,
how I howled
for release.

When I escaped,
I pointed my nose
towards freedom.
After that, I always
traveled alone.
It was safer that way,
save for the years
my black son
padded beside me,
till it was time
for him
to take
the wolf path
away from
my side.

I cannot travel
far, now,
and I long for the
wild places,
the ocean's roar,
the forests 
of the wilderness
that sing through
my soul.

Now captive
in my body,
and restricted
by the end times,
I look out
through your eyes
my vanishing

As I sit on
my porch swing,
is sitting here, too.
We rock
and survey
the gray skies
of today.
We remember
the forest trails
we loved
to wander,
wild beaches
that stretched to
where we
the tides.

We accept
our weary
end of the trail

But sometimes,
when the
moon is right,
you can listen
for our howls.


  1. I'll howl with ya. I love this, as it expresses elusive feelings and circumstances so well.

    Is the picture a wolf or a coyote?

  2. The long hunt is hard on old bones and the cave is a welcome refuge, where memories shed light into every corner. Rest, write and remember--it's all we old wolf-women can do.

  3. Congratulations, Sherry, you found her and let her speak. She will be a wonderful companion.


  4. Beautiful imagry and wonderful words!! Great pic too, love animal related work!!

  5. This poem says so much about the acceptance of old age, even death when its time comes; it speaks of all that has been gained and lost along the way. Yet it reminds me too, that despite all the years and all the difficulties, there is still a wild creature deep inside which rebels against any form of bondage.
    So touching, Sherry, I can hardly visit your blog these days without a pack of tissues.

  6. I'm with Kerry...this one pierced to my heart and caused my eyes to well up! But I remain resolutely a wolf woman..proud of my past..unafraid of my future..and howling loudly into whatever may come next!


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