Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mandarin Moon

[posted for the Poetry Pantry at Poets United]

I awake in the deep dark
of the night
to see
a huge round
full-faced moon
staring in
at me
as if it had zoomed close
with my eyes closed,
I catching it
before it rose.

There she sat,
perched in the bowl
of my old tree,
like an over-sized
Christmas ornament
thus adorning
just for me
the starkly bare
and brittle branches and,
much more,
allowing me to see
its beauty
than I ever have

I stare back:
eternal purveyor
of myth and mystery,
as if it holds the secret
of whatever is to be
and has ventured thus
to urge me forth
from out
my purple bed,
to find a path
where all my
broken dreams
can be
much better fed.

This radiant
so-close moon
and I agree:
surrender to no man,
and yet,
in giving
I'm most free.
This silvery ambassador
is urging me
to find a way
to give
all that I can -
Mandarin Midnight Moon
that sailed here
last night
from Japan.


  1. Wow, Sherry, that is so pretty.
    I love the images.


  2. Gorgeous! I love sitting outside to moon gaze. She truly is a wonder, isn't she?

  3. I like the image of the moon perching in the tree, Sherry. Very nice. :-)

  4. I stare at the moon some nights and revel in the beauty of life. This was nice.

  5. more beauty from you, as i expect! i'd like to know more about surrendering to no man, but learning from the moon that in giving, you are free. more, please!

  6. I love all of the thoughts you shared about contemplating the moon, Sherry, and the messages you received.

  7. Sherry,
    A very placid read. I was 'away'' with your words.
    Beautiful words.....

    Best wishes, Eileen :)

  8. Yes exactly, give all that we can, to the right man, or no man at all :) That's my philosophy :)
    So my Valentine's wishes are strictly between you, me and the Moon!

  9. Sorry - I lost your email. I thought I saved it but alas foiled.

    Here is mine:

  10. I love this!sometime I used to stare at the moon and imagine who would be there

  11. So exquisitely beautiful! Wonderfully written, Sherry. :-)

  12. Such a pretty poem. Loved the expression- eternal purveyor
    of myth and mystery,
    as if it holds the secret
    of whatever is to be

    loved it more as my (nick) name is Moon ... so felt as if you said those to me ..haha ..all the best dear :)


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