Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Day on Planet Earth

[Daughter-in-law Zenny, Jon's wife,  with my son Jeff
in Cathedral Grove outside of Port. Photo by Jon Merk]

Hi kids,
Walking Miss Jasmine this morning, I could hear:
a sleepy rooster,
the gobble-cry of a raven,
junkos at the feeder,
the piercing scold of a bluejay,
a flock of Canada geese
honking their way past.

The horse whickered as I went by - wondering if I might have a stray carrot or two.

The few houses on the street were all quiet and sleepy, people just stirring about getting their morning tea. I headed straight for the kettle when we got back in. Iso love mornings.

The cars, of course, were zooming along Beaver Creek, in a big rush to grab coffee on the way to work.

I am going to Faiza's this morning. Her support hours have been cut, due to government assessment of what this 80 year old, exhausted, sole caregiver (who has mobility issues of her own) for her barely-mobile husband requires in the way of help. So frustrating. I likely will wind up doing the same amount, because she requires it, but for half the pay. Meanwhile the "Home Support" people come three times daily, for a very much higher hourly rate, to take a prepared bowl of soup out of the fridge, nuke it, and give it to Bill. They are "not allowed" to clean anything - that's what I'm for.

Bureaucracy is as unhelpful and as far removed from the problems on the ground as ever.

Jasmine slipped and went down on her injured leg a week ago and did some damage. The vet thinks it is just severe inflammation, but I suspect perhaps she may stay lame, as this time it isnt responding to rest and anti-inflammatories. Poor girl has been so patient through her boring recovery. Surgery was in November and we are still in early stage recovery. (Hey, I sound like AA!)

I am doing better in my grieving over Pup. His death really shook me. But I suspect it was more than his death. He was so tied into my wilderness heart and our years in Tofino, that it reawakened my grief over losing that place. I never really allowed myself to grieve it at the time. Grief has a way of catching up with us. And there have been a lot of losses in my life, as in most peoples' lives.

I still have my moments, and sometimes get blind-sided for an hour or an afternoon. But I am  feeling stronger. It is all part of the deal - love hurts, but we cant say no to it when it comes. Especially when it comes in the form of a wild little wolf puppy with a very huge spirit!

[Zenny at Lake Louise outside of Banff. Photo by Jon Merk]

My adorable daughter-in-law Zenny is arriving tonight for a visit. I am excited! We are going to have some serious Chick time. And we will go to the beach. She lives inland now and longs for the ocean as I do. One beach walk in the near future will do a lot to set my soul right.

One more day alive on planet earth - each day a gift, whatever it brings. Now that time is more finite, I know just how precious each day is.

Enjoy this Wednesday, my friends!


  1. Wonderful full post and wonderful pics of Zenny, so precious. Yes it is all precious. The good days and the others. I was thinking, when you talked about grief. It reminded me of the movie Mission. You see him drag the large bundle behind, and that is what grief is like. The large bundle, and if you don't grieve, it drag it until it catches up with you, and attempts to drag you down....I think like bubbles you will surface, perhaps when spring comes, you will also bloom, shed the load you have been dragging for so long, without even knowing.

  2. Sherry, love your words they are an inspiration for me. Enjoy yourself with
    Zenny. I am sure you will. Thanks for
    the lovely post and pics.


  3. Hope your visit with Zenny brings joy to both of you. She sounds like a promise of spring bundled up and sent to you when you need it most,


  4. YAY ZennySunshine - hello from the other side of town :D Excitement!

    I love what Elizabeth said, I second the motion :D

    See you soon xx


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