Friday, February 18, 2011

Consider the lily

[image from google - the lily-of-the-valley is the kind of lily I see most often in my part of the world]
The prompt at Poets United Thursday Think Tank yesterday was "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow". Yesterday we had a snowstorm, and today the earth is encrusted in ice. So this is what came through :

I consider the lily:
deep underground,
with a small pick-axe,
She is 
trying to
chip away at
the frozen hardpan
grumbling about 
the sheer impossibility
of ever emerging
from this
icy tunnel,
where the ground
will not yield,
where nothing
her passage
into the sun.

I identify.
Late winter
can feel like this,
to a lily,
to a hungry crow,
to a tired human
afraid to open
the oil bill.

Like the lily,
we all await
just a little
"give" in the earth,
so we can
get some purchase on
our passage,
one more time
the frozen hardpan
and into
the light and warmth
of one more spring.


  1. If I read only one poem today, this is the ONE.

    Simply divine.

  2. sherry! this is simply beautiful... your writings are becoming ever so better and better and better and better ... :)

  3. I relate, too, Sherry. It takes commitment and perseverance to become what we are intended to become. Personal evolution and fruition are hard work.

  4. oh sherry this is exquisite! 'we all await
    just a little
    "give" in the earth,' and a little give toward ourselves and others-from ourselves and from others... compassion, and tenderness... sometimes hearts become hard like the ice covered fields too... we wait for them to soften, for the light to warm them... and it does, gradually it does.

  5. Very apt analogy, and lovely writing--don't I know how it feels. We had record cold here in the south, below zero, which means I will be cutting off or digging up a great many plants return to your metaphor, I'm hoping the lilies were nested deep enough below the freeing air to come back when the time is right.

  6. Sherry, this is simply beautiful.
    From the heart of the lily.


  7. Very lovely Sherry, must continue to dig and scrape to reach the sunlight so we all can one day feel the warmth and the reward of holding on.

  8. I like this poem. Reminds me of Kay Ryan's poem Spiderweb.

    From other
    angles the
    fibers look
    fragile, but
    not from the
    spider’s, always
    hauling coarse
    ropes, hitching
    lines to the
    best posts
    possible. It’s
    heavy work
    fighting sag,
    winching up
    give. It
    isn’t ever
    to live.

  9. Hi Sherry, I've returned to invite you to visit my blog tomorrow (saturday), as there will be a little something waiting for you when you arrive:)

  10. A flawless piece of writing, Sherry, a wonderful reminder that perserverance and hope will eventually take us back into the light...just beautifully done! You really touched my heart with this one...


  11. well done!

    popping over from Laura's congratulations & have a super weekend

  12. You have a beautiful poetic voice...I enjoyed many meanings...visiting from Laura' glad I did! :)

  13. Hi Sherry,

    I'm here from Laura's blog, and really happy to find you. Your poetry is beautiful. I can especially relate to this one as I long for winter (both internal and external) to end.

    We have three year old golden retriever named Toby. Love in a shaggy red bundle of joy.

  14. The flower for my birth month is lily of the valley. Have always been partial and love what you wrote here. Wonderful analogy,


  15. Sherry, Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. And then, I visit here and find your lovely writing! As a northern dweller, living in snowy hills on the shores of one of the Great Lakes, I so appreciate the metaphor of the lily breaking through the cold ground in search of spring! On a more practical note, I think I spied the leaves of lily of the valley in the garden of my little rental cottage when I moved in last fall. I am looking forward to pulling a big handful and letting them scent the air of my rooms in the spring! Ahhhh! So good to have things to look forward to!

    I look forward to visiting here again! :)

  16. You've personified the Lily in such a striking way. I love that she carries a pick-ax! Its a perfect analogy, and I identify too--how I need this winter to end. A lovely poem!

  17. A wonderful are soaring! So beautiful..."a lily, a hungry crow, a tired human." Thank you


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