Saturday, February 12, 2011

Global Consciousness

Wow. I am sitting here reflecting on the gifts of the amazing child, Ta'Kaiya Blaney, the ten year old singer and songwriter I posted about a couple of nights ago. She is a prodigy, who began singing and playing music at age three, and who has always been concerned about the environment.

When I see an amazingly talented child like Ta'Kaiya, it gives my tired old heart a lot of hope, because it means the consciousness on the planet is accelerating, and advanced souls like this child are coming here to help us make the shift, to point the way. I have been seeing a lot of these children lately, on tv, with their angelic faces and pure voices, their ancient eyes, and their message of peace and love for Mother Earth.

Old Souls. Beautiful spirits. With a message we need to listen to
with all our hearts.

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