Saturday, December 17, 2016

To Love What Is Left To Love*

Mount Arrowsmith 

I turn off the news,
turn on the Christmas lights,
the Christmas tunes,
buy puppy treats for all the dogs,
watch Lunabella's eyes,
in awe at all the pretty colours.
At her age, life is only joy and hope,
and all good things.

We draw into our family bubbles,
snug and warm and safe inside,
set the worries aside for the new year.
At Christmas, there needs to be
good food and gathering together
and cackles.
It is traditional, our laughter,
as we remember
the old stories, and the faces
who are no longer here.

It is time to draw into our familial circle,
not look too far beyond the walls.
For today, and through Christmas,
it is time to "love what is left
to love."*

*This quote is from an email from  Hedgewitch, and the words have stuck with me. A pathway of light  through this portentous time, when the big picture is too dark to look at, so we retreat to our well-lit homes and cheerful Christmas trees for a time out.

for Elizabeth Crawford's Creativity Challenge: Laughter. At our house, when we all get together, there is always cackling.


  1. I could feel that drawing in, that finding center, and even heard the cackle...


  2. I love this, and completely agree.

  3. That a-way. Thank you for spreading this inspiration and the great picture

  4. and we must remember, between now and mid january, many faiths exercise and celebrate their connection to their 'supreme being' their 'savior'. we here on earth, all living beings are connected by love or hate. i choose love

  5. Among the many things left to love, dear Sherry, is this poem, and each other. Happiest of holidays to you and yours.


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