Friday, December 16, 2016


It is an honour to be loved by a wolf.
So quick of wit, full of humour
at the ludicrous concept
of living between four walls,
~(what are these humans thinking?) ~
he intuits your every thought,
weighs you and finds you worthy
(if you're lucky, and have a true heart),
rests his head on your knee,
his trust a gift you must never betray,
or take lightly.

Being loved by a wolf
awakens your wilding nature,
sets you forth on an unmarked passage,
leads you into the forest, far from the city.
Understand, you may never come back,
not fully, from those wild lands.

His howl crosses the song of the shaman;
both find you in the still, midnight hours.
And when he leaves,
he leaves you with a hole in your heart
none other can fill.

Being loved by a wolf
was this lifetime's gift,
along with the wild,
that sings through your bones
of those long-lost days,
a song that will forever reverberate
within this deep, soulful

I wrote this poem last New Year's Day, beginning the year of 2016 with memories of my wolf and the pounding sea. As the year winds to a close, so much is uncertain about 2017. But this New Year's, I will be at the shore, with my daughter and son-in-law and their two dogs, with the wild surf singing through my soul. And I can't wait.

Shared with the last Poetry Pantry of 2016 as Poets United takes its Christmas break. Do come and join us.


  1. Sherry, this is a beautiful poem, and it expresses so very well the special bond you had with Pup. I love that he awoke your 'wilding nature,' and it lives to this day. Do have a wonderful year-end, Sherry and enjoy that wild surf as the year draws to a close.

  2. How nice Sherry to be able to relive the grand time together by the shore a year on!


  3. I love that your love and his, shine through every line of this tribute. You were and are blessed. Hoping for a better New Year for everyone,


  4. A new year is a great moment to look back, even more so if the future look bleak. A love like this is a true gift.

  5. I loved this poem the first time around, and this time is like running with an old friend. Our furry family gets into our hearts like no other beings can. It is wonderful to be loved by them, indeed... and to live the miracle of loving them back.

  6. "Being loved by a wolf
    awakens your wilding nature," one could feel the deep bond you shared with Pup...Have wonderful time with your loved one Sherry wishing you & yours a very Happy New year...

  7. What a bond can be forged with canines. Walking the wild with them can forge inseparable bonds which is devastating when they make their own way home.

  8. A special relationship that can't be defined :) Also I liked how you circle the year with this recollection.

    Have a great holidays, Sherry

  9. I love the idea that once you have found the willing way it never leaves you - a gift indeed.. i am glad you will be near the surf again soon xo

  10. This is so, so good, Sherry. I especially like the opening four lines.

  11. What a beautiful tribute to your dog! They are such loyal and wonderful companions and their love has no boundaries indeed.

    Happy Holidays from Loredana at Magic of Words:

  12. The blessings of the wild, dear Sherry - you are blessed indeed and capture this spirit so well - as one who truly knows... Great!

  13. Sherry, it is indeed an honor to be loved by a wolf. You have known the gift of his great spirit and love.

    His howl crosses the song of the shaman;

    That is indeed true and those with open ears and hearts will hear the message he brings forth!

  14. i am always intrigued by wolves, and does not think they are the beasts as told in tales. on the contrary, i think they are wise and compassionate, though a bit protective.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely poetry with us this year. Here's wishing you a wonderful New Year ahead. :)

  15. Such a special gift is the trust an animal puts in one who loves it. I love the way ,for me, that you've put this accross.

  16. Yes, a gift, a place of peace...even as there are many who cannot imagine it because "fear" and darkness fills the air. Thank you Sherry.

  17. So sweet to see your wolf as your life's gift. You were his gift. You both complemented the wildness within.
    Hope you have a great time on your holiday trip. Enjoy.

  18. This was just what I needed to read today. I don't have anything profound to say other than this made me smile.

  19. Not coming back from the wild lands would not be such a bad thing, would it?

  20. I love this! I am very familiar to the..........
    Have a great time on the coast. And a special cheer, your way and to all you meet.

  21. A beautiful poem and a loving tribute to a good friend.

  22. This is just awesome Sherry.

    Happy Holidays

    Much love...

  23. Such a special love! And so beautifully described. The gift he gave you continues on.

  24. Lovely! As we approach the season of giving, it is good to be reminded that life's greatest gifts do not come in a box. Have a wonderful New Year's, Sherry, back with the pounding surf and dogs and family. How wonderful for you!

  25. Think the wolf loved being loved by you... wishing you the very best of the season Sherry,


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