Saturday, December 10, 2016

Snow Days

The snow fell for days
without stopping.
The world went silent
as every creature slept
a dreamless sleep.
Inside the cabin,
Wild Woman kept the fire crackling,
and melted ice on the stove-top for tea,
grinning fiendishly,
knowing  her long driveway
was impassable,
and no one would be able to stop by.

LOL. I am enjoying a snow day: fleecy pj's, hot chocolate, a crackling fire, sleepy dogs.......and a fiendish smile. Can't possibly go anywhere or do anything. Yay!

for Magaly's prompt at Real Toads: flash poetry, 13 lines or fewer, using the words:  snow, ice, and cabin.


  1. This is the difference between being trapped by snow and creating a nest in the snow. Wild Woman is brilliant!

    Enjoy the yum. I'm very jealous of your hot chocolate, so take a sip or three for me. :-)

  2. So happy you're happy with all that snow

  3. Enjoy your day. Having some tea on you.

  4. I love the image of this wild woman, perfectly happy and free in her own company.

  5. Love this!❤️ Beautifully done, Sherry

  6. Warm wishes, thanks for the poetry on wings

    much love..

  7. Oh, I can so relate to this Wild Woman! We don't have snow yet, in fact the sun is shining today, but that will be me when it does.

  8. You leave me no choice but to grin fiendishly in return, Sherry. I have no snow here, but I certainly share the sentiments. ;_)

  9. I've never been snowed in! It sounds a real treat.

  10. Blessings in coolness and enjoying warm tea is a good combination!



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