Saturday, December 17, 2016

Their Final Twilight

Mother Wolf

In what feels like their final twilight,
an injured Father Wolf and two babies
try to live.
Mother Wolf was shot,
four of her babies 
were struck by trains,
and living is not easy
even in a national forest.

How are they to live,
when even the protected places
are unsafe?
Humans, humans everywhere,
and no safe place
to hide.


["In the past three months, two of the five members of the pack — including the alpha female, or mother wolf — have been shot and killed by wildlife officials in Banff National Park and a third is now looking for food in campgrounds.

"At least four of this year’s six wolf pups have also died after being struck by trains on the railway line and the alpha male is limping after likely being hit by a car on the Trans-Canada Highway.

“It’s not going to get any better,” said Paul Paquet, an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary and carnivore specialist with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation. “This is the legacy of decisions made by Parks Canada for many years.

“The decisions have really been about the commercialization of Banff and the ongoing development — that’s pretty clear and it’s at a huge cost to the environment. It’s not just wolves. Wolves are just symbolic of that problem.”

"Paquet suggested it’s getting more and more difficult for any wildlife to eke out a living in Banff National Park."]

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posted for Kerry's challenge at Real Toads: The Final Twilight


  1. Sad when we infringe and destroy the habitat of others... but we seem to repeat it over and over.

  2. Good use of the Coleridge! Whew!

  3. Oh no. This is just too sad to stand. Poor babies without their momma. :(

  4. Thank you so much for calling attention to this

  5. It is pitiful considering it was done by the authorities' as sanctioned!


  6. This is very sad. good that you voice such, and may many more voices echo

    much love...

  7. We have become a parasite, haven't we? It's shameful and infuriating.

  8. So many senseless losses!! So many senseless deaths. When will it end!

  9. This asks some important questions. Thanks for adding it to this weekend's challenge.

  10. It always makes me sad to think of wolves (and other animals) living on the edge of disaster because of the encroachment of men.

  11. so very sad yet it will go on and on...ugh...

  12. I follow Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary on Facebook and am shocked at some of the things I read but also amazed at all the work that is done with and for wolves. I love wolves and everything written about them. Thank you for reminding everyone of their plight.

  13. Life is a shrinking option these days, and a difficult path for too many. Eloquently expressed, Sherry.

  14. So very sad--thanks for your voice. K .

  15. I read that as a dream with the roles of the wolves as yourself.

  16. ... protected land - yet they still get shot? Are they over-populated or as I suspect, man wants to encroach...

  17. Humans, the most dangerous animals ever born.

  18. well, fukc.

    sorry for the swearing, but what else is there left ?


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