Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Green and Blue

Mother Earth is green and blue.
Sadly, money is green too.
To get it, they will wreck the earth,
for only dollars are of worth.

What colour are the corporate souls,
with their red hearts so full of holes?
How can they not know that they borrow
today's wealth from our kids' tomorrow?

Sigh. for Elizabeth Crawford's Creativity Challenge: Colour. North Dakota pipeline says it will continue building in that location regardless of the order to stop. And trump's regime wants to privatize reservation land, to make it easier to extract (rip off) all the resources. Have we gone into a time warp? I seriously can't stand it. Someone make it stop.


  1. Sherry, your poem says it all so well in a few brief lines. :(

  2. I wish I knew how Sherry! This will be a time of mourning I am afraid

  3. My dear Wild sister,
    your eyes are blue,
    mine are the same,
    with a touch of green.

    I do not know the color
    of their souls, but I
    do know they want to blot
    out our truth with darkness.

    Darkness that is black
    and silent with fear.
    Our truth is white with
    years of knowing.

    Do not despair. We shall
    continue to write our truth,
    raising our voices, bringing
    light into their darkness.


    1. What a lovely surprise this is. I especially love "Our truth is white with years of knowing." Thank you, my fellow wild-woman!Yes, we will keep writing.

  4. sadder still, or blinder still have we forgotten who holds the upper hand?

  5. Sad, indeed. That nature has to share green with the color of money, that we have to share the label human with the beasts that rape everything they touch. Sad, sad, sad.

  6. amidst all this 'love' appears to be such an obsolete term...ha, this is progress, evolution...sigh...


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