Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kali's Song

It is a mistake we feel in our soul:
something very wrong is happening here.
Or is it a mistake?
It may be the lancing open
of a festering boil,
so it can be cleansed and healed.
It is the culmination of centuries
of social injustice,
of rampant colonialism,
of corporate control
so tight the very foundations
of democracy are rocked.

The jackboots gather,
with their gimlet eyes
and hollow souls.
The Black Snake
slithers across the land,
polluting all in its path,
spewing gold for the few
and death to the rest.

In the darkness, Mother Earth's voice
begins to be heard, and responded to,
by people of the earth.

In the darkness, our eyes
are finally opened
to the truth:
we have been spoon-fed lies.

In the darkness,
the brave hearts begin to sing.
Holy change will begin to happen,
though it may take some time,
may take collapse of everything
we thought we knew,
may take the planet toppling on its axis
for the Dark Mother to reclaim
her power, and for those who are left
to begin to mend and heal the earth,
join together in holy
brotherhood and sisterhood
to find a more just way to survive
than the path that got us to
this moment in time.

for Elizabeth Crawford's Creativity Challenge: Mistake

source: Kali Takes America, by Vera de Chalambert, spiritual storyteller and Harvard scholar of com-arative religions. This essay is a wonderful read, an interesting perspective on the turbulence we are experiencing.


  1. I think you've got it. None of us likes the darkness, but it is here, having come with an orange mask and every intention of killing any light of truth we might still hold.


  2. Sing on sweet sister
    In the end, though scarred, Mother nature will win.
    So much better if we humans learn from her harmony

  3. We shall spit the lies... and scream the change with everything we are!


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