Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Power of Three

The trump triumvirate,
Sessions, Flynn and Pompeo,
are up for the task
of setting us back fifty years.

No holy trinity they:
it's been a long time since
right wing has been this far right.
(Think: War. "Good for the Economy!"
Think: curtailed civil rights.
Think: Beyond the Orwellian Nightmare.
Think: Corporations and billionaires rule.
Think: We are truly screwed.)
Add a climate change denier as head of
the environmental protection agency,
and the environment will need
to be protected
from its own administrator.

I turn my fear into words,
strike with my pen.
It is hard to watch history
repeating itself
over and over

for Elizabeth Crawford's challenge: the power of three.

source : The Guardian


  1. Thank you for your strike--first second and third strikes--may they be out sooner than later with the help of writing truth to power!

  2. I and many others are with you. The only power we have is our words. Don't forget that words are magic. They own a peculiar power, all their own. Keep striking,


  3. Thank you for call attention to this
    Fear into words into...

  4. pen is mightier than sword...long live words...


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