Friday, December 16, 2016


When a deranged demagogue runs amok,
the ground itself shifts and trembles
under our feet.
We wait for the next Bad News.
And it comes:
a warmonger in charge of defense,
appointees against public health and public schools
in control of those departments,
ready to slash and burn,
climate change naysayers
in charge of climate regulations.
What they are for:
corporate interests,
more big breaks for the wealthy,
screw the common man
who believed the empty lies.

The people wanted Change
and they will get it,
but the changes that are coming
contain nothing good:
certain war, toppling systems, financial instability,
and as usual the 99% will feel the hit,
while the elite continue polishing
all their gold and brass.

They may not believe in climate change,
but the icebergs will continue to melt,
the ocean to warm, the coastlines to rise.
Their paranoia will spark global conflict,
their leanings towards Russia bode no good.

We watch, appalled, while the Electoral College
contemplates our fate.
The first time I felt like this,
Cuba and Kennedy were holding a stand-off
during the missile crisis in the  Bay of Tonkin,
and we were learning to tuck and roll.
The last time I felt like this
was during the meltdown at Chernobyl,
waiting for the domino effect to take hold,
and blow us all away.

Now a baboon will sit in the Oval Office,
looking at the pretty red button,
in love with himself and his limitless power.

On Monday we will learn
whether we still have hope,
or whether this deadly mistake
will be allowed to continue.
Stay tuned.

for Elizabeth Crawford's Creativity Challenge: Threat. There is more than enough threat to go around, in every direction. God help us.


  1. Thank you, Sherry, for standing up, and for speaking directly into the threat we all are facing. Your words are clear and I feel your fear because it is my own. Bless you, my wild woman sister. Now, please go read my response to your comment on my post for today. I expect to hear the echo of that famous cackle and promise to join in...Love you lady,


  2. Freemasonry prevents me from discussing politics.

  3. baboon's would do better than that ass. ~

  4. Let's hope for the best, Sherry ...


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