Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays, Friends

My friends, I will soon be trudging off to the big city, to visit my son, Jeff, and spend Christmas with him. I am looking forward to all the pretty Christmas lights, but not so much the getting around vast distances on my hobbling leg. Smiles. I will view it as both challenge and adventure, and report back when I return. Meanwhile, I wish every one of you the warmest and happiest of seasonal felicity, whatever it is that you celebrate, be it solstice, Duwali, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or just being alive on the planet............the joy in every holiday is spending it with those you love.

Here Ms Jasmine looks rather pensive. Her brother, Lukey, is declining, and she has some health concerns herself. Here at Geriatric Ranch, there are a number of us on the downhill slide. Smiles. We grow old, we grow old. We will reassess our statuses in the new year.

Jasmine's trademark smile never fails her, though. She is a cheerful girl. Goldens are all about love and happiness.

Here is my boy, Pup, in his glory days. He looks quite lordly in this photo. He much preferred the hat to the shameful antlers. He is never far from my thoughts, especially at this time of year, when I remember his last Christmas, two weeks before the end of his life. I miss the life we shared in our little trailer. Every day.

Have wonderful days with those you love, kids, and hold your furry ones close to you while they are still here. We are their joy, every bit as much as they are ours.


  1. Have a wonderful visit with your son, Sherry.
    Safe travels!

  2. Love you, Sherry. Keep on Hobbling, Loving, Cackling and Writing.

  3. Merry Christmas to you
    Thanks for the great pictures

  4. Merry Christmas Sherry! What better than to have loved ones around plus the adorable canines!


  5. All the best to you, Sherry, in the big city! We live in a mid-sized city about an hour from Toronto. Luckily, this year family members are coming this way. First Christmas/Hanukah with grandson, Jack! Thankful, I am, for all who will be here for this celebration. Have a happy holiday! :)


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