Monday, December 19, 2016

Protecting Hope

As the dark year comes to a close
and the possibilities of the new one
stretch ahead,
I form a bubble around
the tender newborn, Hope,
promising to protect it,
no matter the threat.

For, as humans,
we need to keep hope alive.

The dark forces may swirl.
They may think they have won.
But they cannot rule our spirits,
or divest us of our humanity.
They cannot change
the truth of what we know.

Within, we are strong.
We resist.
Within, and together,
we are invincible.

for Elizabeth Crawford's Creativity Challenge: Protect. I was inspired by the Mayor of New York's pledge to his people: that, whatever decrees might come from the new regime, New Yorkers would resist and refuse to comply, "because we are New York". This is the url:


  1. You inspire me to hope.


  2. "the tender newborn hope" ... I love that line! Beautiful poem, Sherry.

  3. There you go! This is what we need to stand and meet our future.
    These are more than words...


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