Saturday, December 24, 2016


I gift you a morning sunrise,
in winter,
new-minted with promise,
a fresh day unfolding.

I gift you hours with a loved sister,
sharing songs, and stories, and laughter,
and tears, in the remembering
of those things we have lost.

I gift you sunshine and birdsong,
and a winter hummingbird,
magical and unexpected,
at the feeder,
blue Jays and scarlet cardinals,
and a horse in the field,
huffing small clouds of breath
into the cold air.

For your lonesome heart,
I send you an old dog's smile,
patient and devoted,
and always there.

For your tomorrows,
I send you a small fairy
sprinkled with moondust,
and a wand,
to bid you safe passage,
and the certain knowledge
you have a place in this world
that is distinctly yours, where you
are treasured and needed.

Happy Christmas!

....for Jae. And for Elizabeth Crawford's challenge : gifts


  1. Thank you so much Sherry..I'm touched - I love those wonderful of all I love the gift of friendship and love you wish me.. A peaceful Christmas to you and many happy tomorrow's too xo

  2. I love it all my generous friend. Such a beautiful gift you bring. I love all of it and hug it to myself with a glad and rejoicing heart.


  3. Thank you for your wonder-filled gift.
    and blessings to you

  4. You sure know how to give, Sherry... Happiest Holidays!

  5. Oh Sherry "blue Jays and scarlet cardinals," straight away went into my such gifts with color..

  6. I gift you a morning sunrise,
    in winter,new-minted with promise,
    a fresh day unfolding

    How noble to wish someone dear to be blessed with a lovely day and perhaps everyday thereon! Merry Christmas Sherry and happy hols!


  7. This is a lovely poem and Christmas wish

  8. Beautiful! Merry Christmas, Sherry! :)

  9. Lovely writing, Sherry.

    If only there were more positive souls like you in this world it would be a better place.


  10. Sunshine, stories, small fairies... What else can a girl ask for!

  11. Thank you Sherry - although it's not Christmas it's a gift that will last forever


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