Sunday, March 8, 2015

Windigo Wind

When your heart is heavy with the weight
of the world's suffering,
take it for a walk along the river.
Shed your pain as the willow 
sheds its leaves in the fall,
so they may nurture next year's growth.
Listen for the cry of the eagle, 
the mystical murmur of the owl.

There be spirits here.

Along these banks, you follow 
in the footsteps of shamans.
They whisper wisdom into ears 
primed for listening.
The rattle of their gourds, 
their guttural chants,
can be heard in the river's song.
The record of their journey is etched
on the canyon walls, green with weeping,
which hold ancient history
through the everness of time.

Do you hear Windigo Wind,
as it howls through the forest?
Can you hear coyote's mournful cry
above the water's roar?
The earth is calling us now,
urgently, through the voices
of her creatures,
who are in distress.

How we answer
will make all the difference.


  1. How we answer will make all the difference...indeed.

    I love how to speak of things that are true to me.

  2. nice...i think we do need to take our weary souls for a walk and let go of the things we the river is the best place for that...letting its music soothe the rough spots....

  3. a wake up call! yes, how we answer make big difference! thanks for the compassionate poem.

  4. It will be easier to hear the earth when we shed some of our worldly pain, for sure. This walk you describe is filled with all the voices we seldom hear.

  5. Thank you for the reminder that allies await us and our response is vital.

  6. I often take a walk along the river, when I am feeling the heaviness of life. There is a sense of peace by the waters edge. You hear the spirit of the wind and earth.

  7. Ah, listening for that wisdom is so important! And yes, how we answer is vital.

  8. When your heart is heavy with the weight
    of the world's suffering,
    take it for a walk along the river...

    Such good advice in this poem, Sherry. One cannot let the weight of the world crush one's own spirit.

  9. Nice very nice.

  10. u seem to be a very sensitive and humane being. Lovely poem and nice blog :)

  11. This is incredibly beautiful.

  12. I too like the idea of a walk along the river. Nature does not lie and will inspire an appropriate answer.

  13. Beautiful. I think about my answer to the wind constantly. Am I doing enough? I need to walk along the river, but our river is dry. So sad.

  14. The image of the willow is perfect. They can take our tears eh?


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