Friday, March 20, 2015

The Last Train to Nepal

Morning fog rises above
the river valley.
Sun turns the sacred mountain
to golden fire.
We wake in the gaze of the gods:
mother goddess of the earth -
we rise humbly, that we
not provoke her ire..

With all my big and little sisters,
I chant, I bow, I pray.
Then, wrinkled, smiling Aama beckons:
it is time to toss and sift the grain
for the first meal
of the day.

The yak bells tinkle as the herdsmen
slowly move the beasts along.
All life is joining in
to sing this simple
morning song.

Prayer flags flutter everywhere,
carrying  modest human dreams 
to the heavens
which, in this place,
is much closer
than it seems..

The wisdom eye watches
with kindness,
over all.
I awaken as I'm catching
the last train 
to Nepal.

I am reading a wonderful book right now, The Violet Shyness of Their Eyes, by Barbara Scot, who spent six months living in Pokhara. Each night I am transported to a peaceful, simple world. It wafts through my dreams so beautifully that I resist awakening.


  1. What a way to travel! I want to read the book now that I have looked into the eye of the mountain through your poem.

  2. Thank you for the blessing

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. Aha the Himalayas such peace in them.............happy poetry day 21st march

  4. You would have to catch a plane to Nepal, rather :) It is also rather strange that while the Buddha was born in Nepal, and Buddhism spread to India and the East, it did not find a firm foothold in Nepal

  5. Love this morning song, Sherry!

  6. What a beautiful morning song ~ I haven't been there but I can imagine such serenity and simple dreams of heaven ~

  7. Wonderful that a book can inspire such a well-written poem. I can feel the peacefulness. Reminds me of a short film I saw about a village in Tibet.

  8. A peaceful prayer for guidance in one's journey, whether of their day, or their inner peace. Yes, I can certainly understand why Nepal would be much closer to the heavens, in its sheer beauty and spiritual calm.

    Thank you for sharing!


  9. Beautiful.. I have never been to Nepal... The train and Nepal reminds me of the trainride in Maurice Herzog's book Anapurna though.. a quite different image.

  10. reads so unerringly smoothly, like the best travel stories. I, too, wish to visit. ~


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