Monday, March 30, 2015


sunrise over Tofino inlet

Celestial sphere,
golden orb,
you peep your smiling crimson  face up
over the mountains
and turn the world
to flame.

The birds fall silent in awe as,
majestically, you rise,
gliding across the heavens,
spilling warmth and hope
for the start
of a new day.

You keep us looking up,
lift our spirits, raise our eyes 
again and again
with your empyrean sky-show.
And when, at eventide, 
in beauteous glow
you softly fade away,
you leave memories
of all that was good and golden
about today.

In my drafts file, first written for Susan's prompt, the sun, two weeks back. 


  1. Lovely sunrise, Sherry! And yes, the sun does keep us looking up...and thinking the warm light.

  2. what a wonderful title Sherry!!..."you leave memories / of all that was good and golden / about today." favorite lines...such uplifting thoughts...beautiful..

  3. Sherry, your "sky-show" photo and poem drew me in like a magnet! I can sense the warm air despite the blizzard here in Ontario! So glad you shared these gems! :)

  4. "...all that was good and golden..." should be what we keep. Beautiful.

  5. Sounds pretty good to me! And lovely pic too. Thanks, Sherry. k. (Manicddaily)

  6. So Cool! I would have guessed Tofino to be toward the West, but sun rise clinches it! This is a lovely gentle poem.

  7. Blessed by this post. Thanks

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  8. The sunrise is always glorious. I love this poem. The title is fantastic and the words are luscious. I wish I had drafts like this. Wow!

  9. Beautiful tribute to this source of life and inspiration.

  10. I'm glad you pulled this out of the draft and into the light ~


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