Thursday, March 12, 2015

What Aging Spectre....?

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But soft! What is that tapping:
tap, tap, tap?
It is her cane, her other arm outstretched.
How daft! her tilting step the very brink
of yon balcony skirts.
May she not lean too far.
What aging spectre dims the smirking sun?
I tremble with horror at what time has wrought.
Her neck, once swan-like, now has definition naught,
spilling like bedtime candle. Who didst thus plot?
'Tis Juliet! How can this be,
my lady-love grown so old?
Can such transformation be time's laughing truth?
Forsooth! and verily, 
verily and forsooth,
methinks yon Juliet,
once so passing fair, 
is now a beldam
grown too long in the tooth.

An obvious spoof on the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet, re-posted from the archives just to give you a smile this day! The sign on the balcony just slays me.


  1. Ha.. poor old Juliet. :-) I just wonder how the balding Romeo might look... definitely a bad idea to try climbing though..

  2. Hahaha. My favorite image is the candle-drip chin and neck!

  3. I am smiling at both the sign and thought of Juliet grown too long on the tooth ~ Have a good day Sherry ~

  4. hahah... now that would be interesting to see how they look white hair and all... and that sign... i shake my head....ha

  5. ah but your mind fair lady grows more beauteous than beauty past...i revel in your words

  6. Juliet as we never saw her! Your poem made me smile, Sherry. The sign is indeed hilarious.

  7. Nice attempt to make us smile with your futuristic rather realistic approach!

  8. Ha. For a minute I thought your poem was about me. Love this.

  9. So wonderfully crafted, Sherry, gently reminding us all of the essential transience of all things mortal

  10. You have the most delicious sense of humor - hilarious! and that sign is just beyond crazy!

  11. Hmmmmmmmmm aging should not come inbetween love.

  12. Sherry,
    I would love to get into that mind of yours…

    I will be 50 this year. And I find myself looking into the mirror, past the wrinkles that my daughters tell me do not exist, looking for the glimpse of loveliness…and say to myself, I am going to keep out of the light - and stay in the shadows. Hope that works :-)

  13. Ha, even Juliet does age!! And, ha, so will Romeo.

  14. I'm not sure about the smile? Age isn't always kind. And how do we love it, when it isn't so fair?

  15. Oh I love this Sherry...a wonderful spoof. Great use of the Shakespearean language....'long in the tooth'. Priceless.

  16. Haha - that's why the good die young, eh? Very funny. By the way, the line about Juliet's neck reminded me of a book by Nora Ephron called I Feel Bad About My Neck. Funny stuff. :o)

  17. if it were in braille, maybe... :) ~


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