Friday, March 27, 2015

Songs of All Creatures

The Elaho River
photo by Jon Merk

The earth sings in liquid notes:
roar of waterfall,
trickle of creek,
rush of river,
ebb and flow of the ocean tide.

Let it trickle through your fingers.
It is precious,
the basis of all life.

Thank the water.
Pray to the water.
It hears you.

The earth sings
in rushing wind,
in crackling fire,
in soft breezes,
in thunder, 
in crack of lightning,

in dawn's gentle rise
over the mountaintops
of the world.

Listen with your very being
to the message
coming to you
on the wind.

Listen for direction
in the way that
you must go,
for all the spirits know.

The earth sings
through its creatures:
cry of eagle,
chirp of junco,
caw of raven,
howl of wolf
in the wintery midnight,
roar of lion
on the hot savannah,
snow leopard
on its icy slope.

Listen to their songs and cries.
They speak their own language,
but if we listen
with our hearts,
they are trying to tell us
what we most need to know.

written in 2013 


  1. Lovely! nature is really saying something to us and we should listen with our ears and hearts open.

  2. The flow and sounds and beings all sing earth. You help me to tune in.

  3. Beautiful and meditative, Sherry. A prayer, and perhaps a whisper of a warning, for we hear, but do we listen?


  4. Beautiful...nature is trying to tell me to be patient.

  5. Lovely! Indeed the earth sings in so many ways. We must pay attention to the water, the wind, and the earth. We must heed these songs...

  6. This is beautiful Sherry. Definitely all the creatures of this earth are trying to tell us what we need to know. I'm trying to listen.

  7. *Listening*

    This reads like a chant; one that should be sung and energized by many. Truly powerful, Sherry.


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