Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Kaleidoscope of Beauty

The Farm, 2015
photo by Lori Kerr

turn the kaleidoscope of beauty
in memory
and what pops out?

on the ocean at midnight,
spume outlined in radiance,
under an upturned bowl of stars

a flock of swans on the river, 
huddled for warmth in the mist

the mountain's snowy peak 
turning rosy pink just before sunset

snow geese flying in formation 
across a winter sky

an owl, head turned towards me, 
looking deeply into my eyes as she flies past,
my mother's message from the other-world

hills rounded, looking  like a lumpy giant, 
lying along the shore
under a pomegranate moon

a hummingbird's lightness in my hand 
as I rescue it from the window ledge, 
then open my palms to feel 
its feathery release

a brand new puppy, wriggly, all-joy,
a heart-lift of hope,
a full measure of love

the endless, always-changing sky,
celestial sphere, that forever
enraptures my eye

the peace of an old growth forest,
full of wolves and hidden bears ~
unseen, and yet we feel 
their spirits there

a child's wide-eyed, 
open-hearted trust
when one has earned it,
as each trusted adult must

the heroism in human hearts 
that strive, through the worst of times, 
to seek and find the beauty
of being alive

for Mary's prompt at dVerse: true beauty


  1. You have given many BEAUTIFUL examples, Sherry. Of course, I like the 'brand new puppy' and the idea of rescuing a hummingbird gives me chills of joy.

  2. Yes, you were on a poetic roll here, each stanza complimenting & building on the others; a beautiful sensuous take on the prompt. I like the lines /spume outlined in radiance/under an upturned bowl of stars/. Wow.

  3. so much beauty in this... the trust of a child or any human being... the beauty of nature... and i love hummingbirds... have only seen one though in my life so far..

  4. oh, yes, the beauty of being alive is a gift we lose sight of so often... your entire poem is a tribute to that beauty.

  5. I'm glad you keep turning the kaleidoscope! Each one of these images drew me to linger. I note the central voice of the mother and peace of the forest-oh, everything! What a cornucopia of Love!

  6. You made me smile at all those beauty.. especially the bioluminescence that reminded me of skinnydipping in total darkness.. something special swimming and see yourself aglow...

  7. So much beauty Sherry. Many wonderful and creative descriptions. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. I love the beauty of each and every verse - from the beautiful ocean at midnight to the child's wide eyed trust ~ I would love to see that owl as she flies past ~

  9. We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.
    ~Jawaharlal Nehru

  10. wonderful lines in this, Sherry. I especially love how you captured the exuberance of a puppy. Your words brought a smile to me.

  11. I love this litany of the beauty of creation...as I look out the window at a hummingbird at our feeder and try to see the owl I hear at night (while my neck gets sore from searching.) I enjoy the symbolism in that one.

  12. Turn the kaleidoscope of beauty and experience the wonders...thanks for sharing..The owl is a messenger and one I always take to heart.

  13. A tribute to beauty. Lovely!

  14. A fine list Sherry

  15. I got lost in this list of one beautiful vision after another - so lovely, Sherry.

  16. This reads like a prayer of all that is beautiful. I smiled through tears at the beauty of this wondrous write. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  17. You've painted several beautiful scenes here...I was arrested by the "pomegranate moon"!

  18. I especially love, "upturned bowl of stars"!!

  19. Nature ever changing.. never chained.. trapped in.. in selfie way.. never housed in floors of lot.. always loves in Nature's way..:)

  20. It's terrible to play favorites, I'm sure, but this is one of my 2 faves tonight.

  21. I've been searching for a word for that surge of emotion in the presence of nature's beauty, and you gave it to me: heart-lift. Thank you for this lovely poem.

  22. When it comes to seeing beauty, you are an expert Sherry. What is more you also make us see it with you.

  23. so loved how this ended... your poet's eye found much beauty

  24. Sherry, this is absolutely beautiful, a treat for the mind to visualize all the wonderful scenes you paint here. This world has so much beauty and you seem to absorb it and nurture it so well. Thank you for this Sherry.

  25. a child's wide-eyed,
    open-hearted trust
    when one has earned it,
    as each trusted adult must

    The eventual savior of innocence which is not difficult to get but not easily grasped! Great lines Sherry!


  26. I always feel refreshed when reading your poetry, Sherry. You are honest and brave. ~


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