Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Someone Special

Back then, they called him "simple,"
small town, sometimes small minds.
"A doctor's son," the old women whispered,
arched brows, gaze deeply significant.
"Such a shame! Oh, my!"

I dont know who dressed him in a clown suit
and stood him on the median,
smiling his big clown-grin,
waving at all the passing cars.
But he was proud. He knew that he was
giving joy, creating smiles, adding color and beauty
and lightness to the day.
He gave it freely,
the return of smiles and waves
all that he needed to make his day complete.

We thought him beautiful,
pulled over, had him proudly pose 
with his gay balloons.

Sometimes the simplest things
are the most special.

for Poetry Jam where Brian is asking us  to write about local characters. This fellow is one I remember from my hometown, years ago. A happy and loving soul. A simply beautiful heart. He used to ride a three wheel bike around town, just spreading the love.


  1. Yup, there's the naysayers and then there's those who see the joy and let it live. Fine portrait!

  2. ha. now he def sounds like a character...i totally would have stopped to talk or pose with him...its so cool that he took proud in it...i wonder if he decided to that himself or...

  3. Yes, sometimes the simplest things are the most special......what a poignant story, Sherry. I am glad he was rewarded in a positive sort of way!

    1. This is a very sweet portrait, Sherry. It seems people liked him and he was not a laughing stock. This is very comforting.

  4. Life and beauty are all in the perspective we choose, looking through each others eyes can open up a world of beauty, this captures this beautifully.

  5. oh Sherry you've caught an angel in your lines...

  6. ah ha for sure i'll quote you "Sometimes the simplest things are the most special."

    have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  7. i agree... its always the simplest of things that have been most special for me

  8. Very typical of certain places that have characters that one do remember vividly. Great write Sherry!


  9. Really special. Some people lend meaning to the place where they are. God bless them for adding beauty and meaning!
    Lovely Sherry :)

  10. What a lovely memory. Good to see you Sherry. I always enjoy your work.

  11. Perception, compassion and simple humanity can dress a being in all sorts of way. It seems you guys chose the best garb: acceptance. ♥

  12. Sherry,
    Nice to have had a town with a colourful character to recall. These days most towns are empty of any form of character and are bland with folk who rarely communicate, away from the world of technology. No-one notices the local oddity...But, they did leave many memories...Even Belfast had its mad preaching men, who shouted that 'the world is ending sooner than you think. You are all going to hell.' I remember feeling a mixture of fear and amusement, as a child!!

  13. I am sure he took pride in being a clown and offering smiles to brighten up the day. A carefree spirit I am sure.

  14. it takes a special bravery to inspire smiles in strangers... ~

  15. How wonderful! We must admire "simple" people like him... They give so much of themselves and we often cannot accept such bounty without suspicion, ill-thought and selfishness...

  16. This is special, and so is your balloon man. There is room in everyone's lives for joy and colour.


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