Tuesday, March 31, 2015

To Dream a Wild Woman's Dream

At Chris's float, in Clayoquot Sound

I guess it's too late to live in a cabin
in the wilderness,
hauling water from the creek,
chopping my own firewood,
watching the snow swirl down
as the woodstove crackles 
and the candles sputter.
I guess it's too late to sing with the wolves
at midnight, or open the door
in the foggy morning,
cabin huddled
at the base of a mountain,
to a silence deeper
than any quiet  has ever been,
or walk a bushwhacked trail,
scalp prickling as you know 
there is a cougar hiding somewhere near,
its eyes upon you.

But it's not too late to visit my friends, who do,
to sit on their floathouse platform
and bask in the beauty of God's own pocket,
the trees, the water, the creatures who live there
life in macro- and microcosm, thriving,
because those who live near know
they live on hallowed ground,
thus are respectful.
And it's never too late
to dream a wild woman's dream.

I dont usually sign up for NaPoWriMo, as I usually write almost daily anyway. But this year, since my Muse has been flagging, I am going to make myself do it, in an attempt to get the thoughts flowing again. And this prompt from the NaPoWriMo site, resonated with me. You begin with "I guess it's too late to" and go on from there. The above is my dream life. I just missed out on it by ten seconds. But I came darn close.


  1. Sherry, I am glad that you still have many ways to fulfill that call that runs so deep in you! It really is never too late, and don't give up finding a way.

  2. Never too late to be with those whom you love and who love you! Perfect Compromise.

  3. How exciting to be challenging yourself Sherry ~ Good luck fo rApril and thanks for sharing with us the beauty of nature and dream of the wild woman who lives in us ~

  4. yeah - it's never to late to dream....ahhh - a cabin in the wilderness sounds wonderful... i think it could live there for a bit

  5. Such a sad day, missing a life in the wilds by only four seconds! Perhaps you friends have an extra room for the winter. Might your volunteer for some housekeeping duties?

    Even if not, your time that you are spending now is very enviable. What we've seen it seems to be a nice life. We got up close to some moored floated houses in Victoria, down by the Fish 'n Chips place. Know it? Really good fish.
    Thank you for peeking in on me yesterday and for you nice comment. I am glad I found you writing here today.

    1. Perhaps your friends have an extra room for the winter. Might you volunteer for some housekeeping duties? (Sorry my first proofreading went willd.)

  6. Close your eyes and click your boot heels--you never know.

    On three.

    One, Two...

  7. I agree with Mary, Sherry. It's never too late to fulfill our heart's desires---we are the only one who set the limit. Smiles. I am doing the challenge too though not for the site you linked here but for the celebration of NPM as a whole. I have different ideas for the event as I have challenged myself to have 30 found poems in 30 days. Goodluck & cheers to us! Smiles.

    - ksm

  8. You are living the dream dear one, but at this moment your just in transition. Dream on.

  9. Love the idea of sitting out on the dock...once the ice moves out. May you be inspired this month!

  10. Sounds like a dream, that cabin ...

  11. well, you have followed 'the road less travelled' and it *has* made all the difference. ~

  12. my dream parallels yours mi amiga. to sit amidst the calming joy of Nature's breath and listen to all who breath its breezes, the flora, the fauna. i both run and fly in my dream of which when awake i can't do either. then i eat of its berries and drink from its streams this is my dream. peace mi amiga


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