Thursday, March 19, 2015


Please click on trickyjerk for an
account security update

Warning!!! update to avoid closure before 
24 hours by System Administrator

your account was reezently attempted 
to be signed in from another location.
If that was not you, click here.

click tinyurldotcomMX87JPX
to make everything peachy

your mailbox might be cloze
click ACTIVATE @ revitalizedotcom
and watch the screen turn blue

Harming Holdings says you have exceeded
your storage limit, 
as defined by the Administrator
as running at 99.8 gigabytes
You can not send or receeve new messages
unless you click HERE.
If you do not click,
bad things will happen.
If you do click,
bad things will happen.

I am Spam, therefore,
if this makes you acutely uneasy,
my work here is done.

LOL.........for Susie's prompt at Real Toads: to write a Spoem - Spam Poetry. My Spam is so bad it isnt even spelled correctly, never mind having any subject lines that make any sense. So instead I selected some lines (slightly embellished in places) from the Spam emails themselves. Cool prompt, Susie.


  1. Harming Holdings is quite a guy. :) This piece is so much fun. You took annoying and turned it into art. Thanks for participating in the challenge!

  2. Great fun! I must admit I swoop down on spam and obliterate it as soon as it arrives. I did it so offensive but it makes for a fun poem.

  3. I. LOVE.THIS. We've all had this is some form. TrickyJerk... exactly!

  4. This sounds like what I get too! So funny!

  5. I'm enjoying the fruits of Susie's prompt so absolutely.

    I love your first line. It made me laugh so loud that I nearly had a mishap with my oatmeal.

  6. Your title is perfect! and the bad things will happen - boy, isn't that the truth - just had a terrible hack at one of our offices - caused so many problems!

  7. I think that your phishing spam is as bad as it can be.. but you seem to be on the safe side not to click the trickyjerk... :-)

  8. Never click. Ha, who knew Spam could come in handy? (I didn't see the 'from subject line" but went into the body of each too).

  9. All of your 'click here's' crack me up Sherry!! Nice one!

  10. I loved reading you Spam emailing compiled. The spammers really don't spell very well, yours seemed to be heavy on the "Z's". I had one last night (blew it into the ether so I couldn't use it) that used bellow more that good sense. He meant 'below' but the Microsoft spell checker does like bellow. I 'bellowed' when I read it.

    1. I loved your "click here" lines too!

  11. Ha! There are always spelling mistakes--so clever here! k. (Manicddaily)

  12. And the widowed lady from Ivory Coast or Sierre Leone, asking for your bank details so that money secreted away by the deceased husband could be transferred to you, and the lottery and all haha!

  13. Ha, your spam made me laugh, Sherry! I wish I could count how many 'Dear Madam" letters I received or how many times I was told my mailbox was too full...........

  14. wait, I can't click through? :) ~


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