Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Call of the Wild

 a friend's cabin in Tofino

It has always called to her,
the wilderness:
towering trees, lashing wind and rain 
against a cabin wall,
rioting waves with white-plumed manes
galloping in to shore,
as the moods of the weather shift and turn
against a backdrop of ever-changing sky.

All her life, she has lived 
this parallel existence in her mind:
a rough-hewn cabin with no other 
man-made structure within a hundred miles.
The whole time she has driven along 
grey city streets,
lived side by side in little box houses,
in her soul  she has been a wilderness woman,
in love with the land.
All these years
in her heart,
it is a love song to the wild
she has been singing. 

for Gabriella's prompt at dVerse: the call


  1. And you've been singing that song to us--in poems I totally love.

  2. For some of us this wildness, the call of nature, this primordial instinct, is just below the surface, just under the skin, the veneer of civilized behavior we have to adapt to co-exist in society, but only while in the wilderness does out soul really sing, does our totem really shine. So glad we see eye to eye on funeral traditions.

  3. Sometimes we have to find ways to heed that call within it. Even if it is not possible to live in the 'wildness' we would like to, one cannot take away the wild woman within. Keep singing that song, Sherry.

  4. You are certainly a channel for that wilderness, Sherry. Maybe this is your call, to make us see and feel the beauty and value of Nature.

  5. love this call in your heart Sherry ~ and thank you for sharing this call with us so we will never forget the call of the wilderness ~

  6. And thank you for reminding us of the wild yearnings in all of us. This is a truly wonderful love song to that call you let us hear. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  7. Oh, this is lovely, Sherry.

  8. The grandest of love songs I believed, Sherry! If this life would allow me, I'd like to sing that song too. Smiles.

    - ksm

  9. sing on - sing on - i can clearly hear that love for wildnerness song in your verse

  10. Though you may have lived in small boxes, your love of the wilderness is what gives you freedom. So keep singing. The wildness lives within you, even if you don't live in an isolated cabin. Lovely write Sherry. Your soul shines through in this one.

  11. "rioting waves with white-plumed manes / galloping in to shore"...what beauty and strength!..beautifully sketched...love this song of the Wild Woman :)

  12. Your song is heard here and the world over. The wild know hope.

  13. I love the feeling of reciprocity in this.....that while the wilderness has been calling to her, she has also always been singing a love song back to the wild as well.

  14. Beautiful. I can relate. My home is the country was nicknamed "The Wilderness" by my favorite Muse. I just built an off-grid writer's retreat in the middle of my woods, out of sight. It's almost finished, and I'll be spending a lot of time there.

  15. Wilderness is becoming increasingly rare these days, but we can always dream. I love the call in your poem.

  16. The cabin inspires! Lovely place, lovely words, lovely lady!

  17. You speak to my heart...I'm not there yet..must get rid of TV...but to live close to nature and the wild..in a cabin, that yearning for stillness and solitude is so appealing..I see this as a personal calling of yours...beautiful, Sherry.

  18. That song sounds like you, Sherry. I love the wildness of your heart...wonderful!

  19. and always keep singing, Sherry ~

  20. Ah.. yes Jack London's call is call for me.. in moonlight nights of dogs like me that do sing a song not often heard in cities of discord.. instead of country flow.. just letting go.. a step outside my backdoor.. and infinity does go.. where woods.. and flowers.. and so many creatures.. sing a song of harmony.. of nature's love and call for free!.and WILD!..BUT connecting.. cooperating.. and sharing too..:) as social wild animals like us do love to do..:)


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