Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Lady

one of the world's most prominent political prisoners

"Aung San Suu Kyi! Aung San Suu Kyi!" 
her people called.
As she walked towards them, 
slim, delicate as the flower
behind her ear,
the soldiers raised their guns.
She looked straight into their eyes, 
walking steadily forward,
Not one could fire.

Such bravery! Such strength!
Her personal life sacrificed
through duty to her people,
whom she could not abandon.

She smiles, hands clasped, bows, respectful,
then lifts the flower from her hair
and sails it aloft,
an offering to her people,
symbol of hope, of peace, 
of a living flame of freedom
the oppressive regime
is unable to suppress.

The Lady, showing her captors,
showing the world,
just how strong
a woman can be.
Determined, she can become
a mountain, immovable.

I have long admired Aung Sang Suu Kyi, held under house arrest by the military for fifteen out of twenty-one years, finally released in 2010.  

Posted for Susan's prompt at Mid Week Motif: Let your poem show how a woman is special, to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th.


  1. I've admired her too. I like how you write about her being delicate like the flower she wears, but tough enough to look at those soldiers in the eye.

  2. A beautiful portrait capture in a double instant how she inspired her people for so many years. Happy International Women's Day.

  3. My admiring has been deep until just recently when she could have stood up for the muslim minority who are prosecuted today in Burma.. a disappointment for me actually, and with the current image on islam in the world very little is said about what is happening right now.

  4. so much to endure in a man's prison. Yet the delicate flower grows.

    Lovely tribute Sherry

  5. This is a stunning tribute, Sherry!

  6. What we all need in life is hope and Ang San Suu Kyi is so adept in doing that for her country.

  7. This is utterly inspired, Sherry! Wow...breath-taking really...your portrait of this woman is powerful.

  8. She really is an example, Sherry.

  9. A beautiful tribute Sherry...I specially love these lines "She looked straight into their eyes, / walking steadily forward," could feel that aura of strength here..

  10. A noble tribute to a royal lady. Well done!

  11. She certainly is an inspiration to women...i do however regret that in order to have such influence she was forced to sacrifice her family ..being a mother is just as important as a force for change

  12. what a strong and beautiful woman to face what she did...and stay strong through the house arrest and all...staying steady...

  13. A lovely poem and woman. My daughter, a forest scientist of sorts, is going to Myanmar next week for a few weeks to work on a forest preservation project in southern Burma/Myammar. I visited the main tourist spots about thirty years ago-- a super interesting place. Thanks for highlighting her. K. Manicddaily

  14. Wow, that is a crazy long time to be under house arrest! Thanks for sharing this inspirational story, Sherry.

  15. how long until we in this country begin to imprison political opponents? perhaps I'm too cynical... ~

  16. An awesome piece....wonderful tribute!

  17. Her strength is an inspiration to all women and you caught this very well in your poem ... great tribute!


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