Friday, May 2, 2014

A Vignette: Warning: Disturbing to Animal Lovers

She starts to shiver when she hears 
the key turn in the lock,
trembles violently as he nears her cage,
opens the gate.

Last time, there were needles that hurt,
that made her sick.
Once he pulled her back tooth out.
That was one of the worst times.

She cannot find a spot against the bars 
that doesn't hurt her body.
Sleep is a fitful thing,
with bad dreams.

She wants out of the cage.
But not with him,
and what he does to her.

A strange life this is.
She can remember no other.
But somewhere
in her DNA,
there lies
the understanding that
life is not meant
to be lived
like this.

In researching for this piece, I discover that even though it has been established that chimpanzees do not respond similarly to humans, they are still being injected with the AIDS virus, and hepatitis. This adds nothing to our body of medical knowledge and serves no purpose. While Europe has banned the medical testing of chimpanzees, the US has the dubious distinction of being the only country still doing so. 

written for Kerry's prompt at Real Toads: to write a vignette, creating an atmosphere, rather than telling a story.


  1. the first stanza shivers with the pain inflicted upon the mute beings in the name of science.....humans
    the most shameless species on this planet...ugh...

  2. Difficult write and read, Sherry. But, you give voice to creatures who have none. We humans are more than strange in our refusal to see the life all around us that needs to be respected and nurtured, not used. Thank you my friend,


  3. A chilling reminder of man's inhumanity to his closest animal relatives. I often wonder who gave us the right, or is it just right of might?

    Your portrait cuts deep, Sherry.

  4. Most disturbing to see this sort of experiments still persist. Great for giving voice to these unfortunate animals, Sherry! At least there are people who care!


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  6. my heart hurts when i see this. my mind, my soul by nature distances itself from this type of inhumanity. when i pray, to whom i pray, i always ask that somehow someday we will see the light and no longer do this to any living being. have a loving calm day mi amiga

  7. i agree that somewhere in their DNA they know that they once felt makes my heart hurt to think about the animals and what captivity has stolen from them....

  8. I'm sorry, Sherry, but I didn't make it past the first few lines... *blushes* But I'm sure it's a wonderful write like always, please believe that. I just couldn't afford opening up the floodgates today, because I don't know if I'm able to shut them again... Sorry!

  9. So filled with anger and grief over this...I can't stand it. How could anyone be so cruel? Thank you for writing this...painful though it may be important, Sherry. ♥

  10. Disturbing to animal lovers is an accurate description of my reaction to your (well done) vignette! I have just read an article this morning, Kentucky Derby Day, of the horrific abuse of many horses whose trainers/owners will go to any lengths to ensure victory ...

  11. I can't stand animal testing, and all for the name of 'research' for us 'superior' humans.. It makes me so angry. I'm glad you wrote about a topic like this.

  12. argh, makes me wanna shriek, just no no no!

  13. Shameful. Don't know how they do this...

  14. Yikes on the medical trumping the animal welfare ~ This made me shiver with fright ~

  15. How cruel we are to animals. As if they were less than us...

  16. How can we be so curl to animals? Your write is very sad.

  17. So sad what we do to animals....You have given a voice to those who can't speak. Powerful!!

  18. Hey Sherry, there was an article in the New York Times the other day about an attorney in New York State seeking personhood for animals-- not with a full panoply of rights but certain ones like habeus corpus. It fits very well with your sad poem. I can find the link for you if you wish-- there was a video about it on times website. K.

  19. Sherry, it is important that you give voice to this torturous act against animals. It makes me very angry. Thanks for writing this.

    Pamela ox

  20. we're not who we think, when we say, 'oh the humanity', are we? ~


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