Friday, May 16, 2014


Is there a longing in your heart,
a dream of freedom?
 An ache, a vision,
longing to break free?

Watch Skybird
as she swoops and soars the heavens.
She is showing us how
life is meant to be.

If the room you're in feels small
and too confining,
come out into the day
and lift your eyes.
Loose the longings in your chest
and watch them rise.
Pursue those dreams.
Join Skybird as she flies.


  1. A song to sing while we're doing it! Rhyme works so well here, as if affirming it is possible.

  2. Oh we do have to pursue those dreams...always....or there is no purpose to life.

  3. Good one Sherry. A wonderful encouragement to one and all...


  4. Beautiful view, Sherry! I love the fluid feel of flying and searching I get- reading your words~

  5. birds hold the secret to freedom for sure, yet they inevitably have to land. If one only ever flies, they'll never appreciate the freedom in the ability to soar. Nice write Sherry!


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