Wednesday, May 7, 2014


In the forest, dark and deep,
white spirit bear is fast asleep.
The cougar stalks the winding trail,
nose to the ground for rabbit or quail.

Out of the sea comes polar bear,
seaweed tangled in her hair,
her babies waiting on the shore
for food she could not find to store.

Hunger stalks the forest floor,
where life was  balanced and rich before
the trees came down, the plankton died,
too warm on the incoming tide.

Gray wolf howls to the midnight moon,
his babies left his care too soon
in search of food outside the den,
and they will not come back again.

Soon will tankers  ply the coast.
"Jobs for humans," the P.R.'s boast.
Life will get harder as all life must
for the natural world, which has lost all trust.

Gather just off-shore with me,
denizens of the salty sea.
We'll say a prayer for the crumbling earth
and those who've forgotten what most has worth.


  1. Very true, these days the jungles and wildlife is destroyed ruthlessly.

  2. O, Sherry, thank you for the images and the prayers.

  3. oh the bear who couldn't find food to shore or the plankton died to warm at shore and of course the howling of the wolf who left her little ones to soon to find food. all this because of denuded forests, contaminated waters and air un breathable. when we depart, will we be in a place where this isn't so? lovely, mi amiga

  4. Nature knows how to revive only that wont be very happy times for the humans...the beautiful images
    work so well here...

  5. It is a hard life these animals have....what a powerful poem Sherry, and it is beautifully written.

  6. So true... the hunger and what we do to their habitat.. dread-full really.. a prayer and a protest is sorely needed...

  7. Keep praying and sharing your thoughts my friend, so many others need to hear them,


  8. It is sad that we take so much and give so little, we just ignore the natural process of life and living to accommodate ourselves never worrying about the damage done. Nice one Sherry

  9. stirring...we have def forgotten our priorities....and lost the trust of the natural world in how we are handling them...i def feel for all the animals who have lost their habitat.....


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