Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pretty Bird


"Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird,
what do you say?
Something chirpy
and cheerful
to brighten my day?"

Pretty Bird sits 
on her feathery butt,
with nothing to say
and her beak snapped shut.

My Muse is stubbornly silent at the moment, all unwilling. But thankfully her alter ego has a sense of humor:)


  1. Ha ha ha, thanks for the laugh, Sherry. Hope all is well with you.

    Pamela ox

  2. I bet when Pretty Bird begins to speak her words will be wise. Meanwhile, enjoy the silence. Smiles.

  3. awww...i hope you bird finds her voice and sings for you a bit...

  4. Caw, caw, caw ... my muse has flown the coop too.

  5. It happens....just wait....my flycatchers, who have returned the last eight years, and built their nest in the carport, but the rowdy magpies come and tear it all down...it has already happened two times this year. I noticed they have been hanging out under the portal, and were trying to build a nest there, and they brought so much material, and it all fell down. I tried to help out yesterday, it only made them mad....this morning I removed the little boxes I had placed there for them....and put up another box for them....now I am waiting for them to return...or are they so mad at me they won't come back? I haven't seen them all day?

  6. Humor is not half bad.. but just maybe the little unpretty grey bird is the one with the better voice...

  7. "sits on her feathery butt" is TOO funny, Sherry. I love it.


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