Wednesday, May 28, 2014


blissfully derange-ing
constantly gauging
sometimes even Raging (Granny)
ever rearranging
occasionally sage-ing
ever so strange-ing
always waging peace
brokering negotiation,
yet wandering through wonder:

  Not Gracefully, but Gratefully Old Aging.

for Peggy's prompt at Poetry Jam: Aging

I should explain that Raging Grannies are a group of elderly B.C. activists who appear at protest gatherings and sing. They are rocking it, and I dont mean rocking chairs!!


  1. Very clever, Sherry! I love the combination of sounds and meaning. You did well!

  2. Sherry, you have captured the idea of 'aging' as only you would do. Sometimes a person has to 'rage' really. One cannot always be 'graceful.' But truly, no matter what, it is nice to wander through wonder.... Ha, considering the alternative. Smiles.

  3. Love this Sherry! I like all the "ing" words--really captures my attention. And you really have caught the spirit of aging well.

  4. What a great response to a wonderful prompt. There are times I can't believe I have managed to reach the age I am. My path used to be toward destruction, and I'm sure you remember the "die young and make a goodlooking corpse" nonsense.
    Really enjoyed your wordplay today.

    1. wonderfully moving poem even without the explanation. I want to find a group like that in Philly..

  5. waging peace and wandering through wonder...ha...i love both of them...age on...some things only get better with age...smiles.

  6. Amaz-ing .. Entertain-ing! You go, Granny!

  7. I can taste the life and passion in this. This rocks!

  8. I love this. What brilliant wordsmithing, Sherry. A wonderful clever piece.

  9. i'm with Brian on this one. this captured sunset that is photo bombing your presence, reminds me of one of the photos i kept of 'mamasita' when she was walking on the beach of Va. Beach Va..i asked her while she stood there with a stick in her hand that had been smoothed over by the water and age, 'what are thinking about mamasita?' she said, 'la vida, mi vida, how hard it's been yet how wonderful it's been with you, mijo'

    have a wondrous stroll, mi amiga

  10. gratefully aging..that's true.very nice Sherry

  11. I love a Rocking Granny! ;D
    Beautiful-so filled with sage wisdom~

  12. Yes. Gratefully aging! Loved it!!!

  13. Sherry, I'm at that stage in my life where my parents and in laws are in their 80's and I can't say it's pretty. My parents are doing pretty well, but my in-laws are in sad shape. Big hits of reality, mortality--your poem made me smile and nod. The last line made me laugh. That's how we have to be :-). And the poem was beautifully written--Raging Grannies--Rock On! Hugs to you <3

  14. Enchanting, invigorating and thought-provoking!


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