Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When Animals Talk

When animals talk
they speak with their eyes and their hearts,
their bodies and their tails.
"I love you."
"Thank you for choosing me,
and for bringing me
to the river, the lake, the ocean,the forest."
"Please remove my leash,
and trust me.
Don't you know
I'd never run away from you?"

"Why don't you hear me?
I am pawing at your chest,
not to annoy you,
but to tell you something bad
is growing inside you.
It's why I look so sad sometimes.
And yet you cannot hear me."

And now Pig is speaking: 
"Why is my life spent only in this cage 
barely bigger than my body?
Though I have never known it,
within my genetic memory,
there are fields of clover
to roll in,
a blue sky, sunshine
and No Roof."

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"In my memory," speaks up Giraffe,
"lies an African velde,
succulent tall delicious branches,
and something known as Freedom.
But here I am, enclosed,
my baby behind a barrier,
as if Two-Leggeds can rear her
better than I."

"In all of our dreams,"
(they chorus together)
"there are wide open spaces
and we run freely and joyously
beneath the sky.
It lies within our hearts by day,
we dream of it by night."

posted late for Helen's cool invitation at Real Toads to Talk to the Animals. 
Which I do a lot of, in my world!


  1. Sherry! This breaks my heart! *sob* I love animals so much, and would rather see a human hurt than an animal (I know that's not politically correct) and I know I could do so much more... This is beautiful, on so very many levels. Thank you for giving all these animals a voice!

  2. Human association with animals is such a tangle of love and exploitation, it's hard to reconcile. We are inundated with Animal Planet series, exposing every minute detail of animal existence in the name of entertainment, with scarce enough awareness created of wrongful mistreatment. I applaud your personal quest to rip aside the curtain and show reality.

  3. My only response to your poem is "Amen." I think if we two sat by a bonfire, we'd be in danger of becoming mesmerized and maybe even fall asleep, lol. But, only after we talked and laughed ourselves silly. Thank you for being present through NaPo my friend, it was a very good journey.


  4. its sad that animals are so exploited...they love us without regard...and yet so many are abused and neglected...def a rather sad world...

  5. Oh Sherry, I just knew you would compose something spectacular for my challenge ... Smiles!

  6. I love animals and they give us so much compassion~ I wish they were treated with more respect and love~
    A wonderful poem-so well done!

  7. I don't like seeing animals caged and leashed ~ I would rather they be set free in their own territory ~ A wonderful message Sherry ~

  8. If only animals could have a voice to speak up and defend their this post Sherry...thought provoking and perfect for the prompt. :-)

  9. Oh Sherry, what does it say about humans that only wish to confine animals while they tout a free society? so sad


  10. the tormentors will have to pay the penalty and that day is not far...i specially love the layout of the pig's speech...written with heart as always...

  11. You have the uncanny ability to zero in on an accurate connection with the respective animals. Not easy if one is not that close to them. Appreciating animals tug at the inner self where only that person can feel and appreciate! Wonderful write Sherry!


  12. Agh. Heart rending. Thanks, Sherry. K .

  13. your voice, this music and verse to this is resounding to those who listen, those who see, those who care.

    ...come hitherto, sit and play upon my paradise, let all that lives here be as free as thee and thou shall live upon the heavens on earth. but, let thee take away a life that is free and you too shall witness the casting off of heavens gate...

  14. it's sad... everyone go home and hug your pet!

  15. This truly breaks my heart, Sherry.

  16. Aww...this make me want to stage a jailbreak and bust them out.

  17. I've always wondered, what sounds like music to animals? ~


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