Thursday, May 15, 2014


photo by Jon Merk

It's Life calling.
What is it saying?
"Expect the Unexpected."

In the middle of that opening through the brush, out in the river, you can just make out a........pelican! My son took the photo yesterday at Montreal River, in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, where winter is trying hard to be over. I was astonished. Unless this fellow was following one of those GPS directions that says "Take a U-turn. Now take another U-turn. Now go endlessly along the wrong back road till you are lost," (I've been in the car. I heard her!), there seem to be pelicans in the prairies. I thought they lived in warm climates, which Saskatchewan, decidedly, is not. Who knew?


  1. So cool! Beautiful photo! K.

  2. Winters are rough in Saskatchewan, took a walk on Turtle lake one year when I was there.

  3. Nice.. and beautiful. :-)

  4. ha. the unexpected makes life interesting....smiles.
    maybe it was a wrong turn at albequerque

  5. Haha. A little gift for you from son and bird.

  6. How exciting..nature bringing a winged gift. I only live a few miles from a plethora of pelicans. I love watching them.

  7. I'd love to know THAT journey. I was at NC's Outerbanks a few weeks ago and I sipped coffee and enjoy the Pelicans. Have been too busy to write any poems about it, but I hope to soon.

  8. Yes, sometimes we find unexpected things in unexpected places!!!


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