Friday, May 23, 2014


My gorgeous newest granddog, Smokey, has gotten so big so fast, just the way Pup did - it is like they are being inflated! He reminds me of Pup, as he has wolf in him, has that intelligent look in his eyes, and has a considerable amount of energy and mischief!

Check this out. He is such a happy boy and is the perfect camping dog for my son and daughter (in-law, but she's my daughter!) who go camping most weekends that the weather is even remotely camp-worthy. 


This photo of Zenny and her boy really touches my heart. A woman and her dog and the lovely.


And here Smokey proves indisputably who is in charge around here. Hee hee. I so love this dog. I cant wait to meet him in person in September!

My son Jon, Smokey and
eighteen year old Yogi, the cat

Jon and Zenny live in Saskatchewan where they have emerged from a winter colder than Siberia (no exaggeration). It is still cold there, just a bit above zero, so am amused to see Jon in bare feet and shirtsleeves in the yard - I guess it feels warm now that it is no longer fifty below. 

Mind you, B.C. had snow on the Coquihalla Highway today. Odd weather.


  1. Amazing!! The other amazing part tp consider a daughter in laws as your daughter. My in laws too call me their daughter. If every in law thinks like this then there will be no tensions and families won't break .

  2. He's adorable! LOL @ inflated!

  3. 'smokey' is a perfect name for him...

  4. He is so full of life ~ I am happy to see your lovely family Sherry ~ Have a lovely weekend ~

  5. I agree with Sumana. It's the perfect name for him. What a darling and mischievous boy he is. :)
    Luv, K

  6. What a pair, Sherry. I am sure you can hardly wait to meet Smokey. He looks like YOUR kind of dog.

  7. I always like to check in on your pup parade.

  8. ha. that barrel roll right as he got to the stick...he has more energy than he knows what to do with eh? cute pups....

  9. Oh, he seems so wonderful. Don't know why but your 2nd and 4th pictures don't show on my screen. Must be my ipad is acting out. But I see his face. He's beautiful and there's a wisdom to his eyes. Hope you meat him soon.

  10. Share these videos with as many people as you can. They must go viral.

    It is time that people started waking up to what is around them.

  11. love the energy, the look, the spirit he brings. how can anyone not appreciate what this species brings to the human race.

    love this, mi amiga

  12. that is one happy dog! ~


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