Thursday, May 29, 2014


Earth Revolution ~ Caring for Creation from Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary on Vimeo.

One of my youngest heroes is Ta'Kaiya Blaney, of the Sliammon Band on the West Coast, whom I have written about before. She is now thirteen years old, and has been a singer and activist for Mother Earth since the age of ten. She very recently made an intervention at the United Nations itself, speaking on behalf of Indigenous children and youth. She blew them away!

This video is a visual delight for anyone who loves wild creatures and the natural world. But listen to the words of this girl's song : 

"Stop waiting for Tomorrow.
Stop living Yesterday.
Cause there wont be Tomorrow
If we dont change Today.
Generation Now
Children of the Future
Earth's Revolution...."

Ta'Kaiya writes her songs herself, in collaboration with a relative. The one she wrote and sang at age ten still brings me to tears. 

A small girl with a warrior's heart - a Rainbow Warrior. The Old Ones sent her here to give us this message. May it ring in every human heart. May we hear her in time.


  1. Wow, such a passionate kid. Even at this unripe age she cares so much for the environment and feels for it. She is the role model for kids around the world.

  2. Thank you for sharing, it is always nice to know people feel as strongly as I do about our Mother Earth.

  3. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  4. Sherry, I haven't known you long, but your posts and writing never fail to amaze me in their compassion and invention. Thank you for bringing this young singer to my attention. Those few short lines sum up and crystallize what it took me hundreds of words to even simply try and say. Let's hope they carry far.

  5. wow. it is pretty amazing that at so young an age her heart has been inspired to make a difference...that is awesome...we need more like her willing to share her voice....

  6. the heart of my soul howls with yours, mi amiga
    have a wonderful, today and tomorrow

  7. She is utterly beautiful. Isn't it wondrous when we encounter such evolved creatures, filled with wisdom and light. Thank you, Sherry. Thank you.

  8. It is most promising! And she obviously is far advanced than her age! Thanks for sharing Sherry!


  9. What a beautiful story, Sherry.

  10. What a beautiful message Sherry ~ If we don't do something today, tomorrow is too late ~

  11. Pretty great little girl. K.

  12. I hope here message resonates ~


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