Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Elaho River 
photo by Jon Merk

Forests are peopled with trees.
From babies to wise old Grandfather Cedar,
all are in a state of either Becoming or Enduring.
Much like us.

Listen to the song of this old tree,
and he will teach you
how to live.

He will whisper to you
of roots and tree-tops, 
earth and sky,
and of your inter-connectedness
to All That Is.
He will tell you the secret
of how to live with
the natural world,
with respect,
nurturing life,
doing no harm.
Like a tree.

When the West Wind croons
through his branches
and the riversong joins in,
listen to their song, and remember:
We are water.
We are air.
We are trees.

The last three lines are a fragment from an older poem, as I am, er - STUMPED - for inspiration this morning, and needed a little boost.

posted for the dVerse prompt: Trees 


  1. We were thinking along the same lines today! Haha--"stumped!' Cut from your roots? It works.

  2. Sherry, your poem is a great reminder that we need to connect to Nature as we are part of it too.

  3. Beautiful! Great use of the last lines :-) Sometimes being stumped is a good thing...loved the rhythm and peace of this

  4. recycled poems... I really love that... and being connected with the trees is so important..

  5. Sherry, we definitely can learn many lessons from the trees. If only we would pay attention...

  6. You really hooked me, Sherry, with your metaphysical overtones; always perk up when I hear or read "AllThatIs", & this alone transports your poetic to the spiritual realm. Thanks 4 your enthusiastic comment left at my site. dVerse poets are the best, def for sure; smile.

  7. oh i believe if we listen they will teach us much...the trees...the people of the trees....how to live in the nature world...a much better way of life, i think...smiles.

  8. I like listening to the lessons from the old tree, knowing how to live & respect the natural world ~ Thanks for the reminder Sherry ~

  9. Yes, we are all connected, we should all take time to listen.

  10. Lovely, I could feel it in my tree bones.

  11. It's okay to plagiarize yourself. Your poem makes its point - it's beautiful though sad. Hope we wake up before the trees give up on us.
    Sherry, it's so good to be back.

  12. All we need to do is listen...such a peaceful feel....
    wonderful write Sherry...

  13. OH, so true and very touching...can't even tell that you needed anything because the end result is magical. A solid, beautiful precious bit of wisdom.

  14. this worked, I felt it.

  15. I knew you would write a good poem about trees Sherry! Lovely depiction.

  16. so much we can learn from the forest

  17. oh we can learn so much when we listen to the songs of these old trees indeed... beautifully penned sherry

  18. Your poem is the celebration of trees, each and every part of a tree gives itself to us and in expectation demands nothing from us.

  19. the most important thought here is of inter-connectedness. There is much wisdom in your poem.

  20. Dear Sherry,
    Rilke [my obsession of the year :-)] seems to suggest that the song becomes the tree, and visce versa: a description of auditory imagination.
    You and he seem to be on the same wavelength, judging by your poem today.
    Not a bad place to be :-)

  21. This really is a beautiful poem, Sherry... A wise message.. and I went on similar lines as the ending, too.. I loved it!

  22. To connect with our natural world is something we should all be aspiring to.

  23. Stumped and stymied is where I am.

    Your poem is wonderful.

  24. We are a part of Mother Nature...but we are so oblivious of the inter-connection..beautifully done with a nice message.. :-)

  25. This is really nicely done. Love the shape and your words!

  26. I will listen to the secrets of how to live with the natural world..lovely poem Sherry

  27. Beautifully expressed, Sherry. I truly became the tree. And yes, we are all trees! Thanks for this.

  28. All of this makes perfect sense and paints such a beautiful picture with words. I wouldn't have known the last three lines didn't belong if you hadn't said... Love it!! Love it!!!


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