Wednesday, May 14, 2014


A solitary Traveler
is wise to make acquaintance
with the sky.
It accompanies her
on every step of the journey.
It raises her up in the morning
with its radiance,
fills her soul at eventide
with its purple passion.

Look up! It's a Sky-show
going on this very second - 
always changing,
clouds ever rearranging.
If you feel moved to do so,
utter your encouragement
and appreciation.
It will whirl its clouds for you
and, after dark, will scatter stars across the heavens -
just for you.
By way of introduction,
you might scale the nearest peak,
and befriend a forest
on the way up.
The creatures on your path
will bid you welcome,
for they will know you come in peace.

A Traveler is never lonely
when she makes friends
with the sky.

Kids, I wrote this sitting at a table in the heart of the village of Tofino, with all of that good energy swirling around me. Today I saw: a small beach, an old friend, a half dozen eagles swooping and swirling above the harbor, and a barking old sea lion, who put on quite a water display, and then flipped and caught a fish in his mouth, just to show off. Sigh. It restored my soul. I am back in the land of the living and out of my Funk. Yippee!


  1. One can never be lonely as a traveler! Rightly so! Nature is waiting to extend all! Cleverly thought of Sherry! Great write!


  2. love the eternal friend of the solitary traveler and these lines of joy.. :)

  3. What a lovely place to be ,away form the busy city, The picture painted in the poem is beautiful and serene.

  4. I am glad you had a great uplifting day in Tofino, Sherry. As I drive to work every day, I often marvel at the beauty of the sky.

  5. Sherry it is always good to be friends with the sky as beauty resides there..I am a sky watcher I often
    look for my hawk friend who flies. So glad you are out of your funk and feeling inspirational poem. I enjoyed reading this one.

  6. the sky is a show changing every second...all we have to do is look up, instead of looking down...ah, so are you just visiting or????

  7. the Tofino sky and sea are in your blood in your soul, mi amiga. gracias for continuing to share through your heart and eyes

  8. Enjoy the nice weather and the sea Sherry !

  9. So glad you found your always seems to feel a bit better when one looks UP.

  10. Isn't it wonderful when something takes us out of our funk? Yea indeed!

  11. So glad your funk is over. The ocean tends to that, and the sky. I love your advice to make the sky a companion. Your joy produced such a beautiful poem. I'm near the ocean too in San Diego. Love it here. Today I'll pay even more attention to the sky.

  12. Yeah, I am so glad you are in that beautiful place you love and the funk is gone!!

  13. I enjoyed this Sherry and am glad you are in a place where you can see such beauty. Never thought of paying so much attention to the sky. I will try it for sure.

  14. So glad you enjoyed,


  15. The very last stanza sticks like glue to my mind. The whole concept of being friends with the sky is so lovely, and also very true! As always, amazing!

  16. Making friends with nature is a wise choice...this is beautiful Sherry! :-)

  17. Welcome home.

    Nature is always healing.

  18. Love that feeling of healing and being united with the sky.

  19. Yes, it is comforting to look UP to the sky...

  20. Wonderful images, Sherry. I really enjoyed reading this.


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