Wednesday, May 21, 2014



Green and verdant is the colour
of my Mother Earth: lush, sloping valleys,
treed mountainsides, forests stretching to forever
in the places where man has not yet been,
brown the human footprint upon the planetary garden.

Green is the color of life, of growth:
from seed to sprout to tendril, root to stem, branch to flower,
life follows its predestined path from birth to death,
at every level of existence.

Our DNA is programmed to be awed by green,
as we watch the weeping willow's yellow winter branches
begin to sprout, until they surround us like a verdant cloak,
us hidden sweetly inside,
the scent of summer deep within its leafy bower.


Humankind took this verdant, luscious Eden
and had but one desire:
to gobble all the green
until only brown bare dry scorched earth


I believe trees  scream in green
when they see the
grappleyarders coming.

for Susan's Mid Week Motiff prompt: GREEN in fourteen lines or less. 


  1. eden has fallen
    and green has been consumed in our desire to build eco friendly houses...

  2. Quite a range from first to third. Makes me sad.

  3. Although the first piece is lovely and descriptive, the last piece is the one that touched me most deeply,


  4. I had to look up "grappleyarder"--good one. Perhaps you could eliminate the pithy and pithier lines and just keep the triptych which has the passion I always know as yours. I love that "Our DNA is programmed to be awed by green," and "to gobble all the green" and "trees scream in green." I like that your poem moves from lots of words and lines, to swallowing our collective scream. Fine answer to my challenge, Sherry. Thank you.

  5. if only we have the heart to feel and a bit grey matter to realize what we are doing....a beautiful write..

  6. yes green is the colour of life and all things eternal.

  7. I too had to google image grappleyarders. Horrendous. And I too feel that green trees scream when they bleed chlorophyl. Powerful writing, as usual, sherry.

  8. Sherry, I can feel the connection you have with the earth in your vibrant words.
    I can see green from my window and a lot of green as I drive to work every day. I probably take green for granted and forget that some people hardly see any green, ever.

  9. Sherry, I feel your pain at what we have inflicted upon Mother Earth. In so many places we have changed that beautiful green to brown. I pray it is not too late to turn it all around.

  10. So sad that today humankind has left far behind the green colour in the name of progress.

  11. ooh grappleyarders piqued my curiosity..i think they would have a very interesting story to tell..i like how you have shrunken the form..just as 'we' have shrunken our garden..

  12. Such a wealth of thought and feeling in these few lines! Thank you for making me remember being enclosed in a cloak of willow fronds when I was young. And the idea of trees screaming in green is something I won't forget in a hurry!

  13. Our DNA must be programmed to be awed by green. This proves true in me. Green immediately makes me calm and joyous.

  14. Sherry,

    Green is the colour of life, at its best. Alive and growing...Hopefully mankind will review and change their poor care of nature and its greenery. A great example of the prompt, Sherry.
    Best wishes, Eileen
    PS: I am off to spend the weekend in the land of 'Forty Shades of Green.' Northern Ireland:)

  15. Don't know which one to like the best, but the one that will stick in my mind is the third one... *sigh* We are a horrible race, us humans! Great write!

  16. Ah, the brain always looks how to use a beauty, not only worship it...~ I feel your deep compassion to all green, to nature. xx

  17. This is a beautiful, well written poem, and unfortunately, I agree with you.

  18. The grappleyarders sound scary to me too! A very illustrative and evocative set of verses this is!


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