Thursday, February 27, 2014

Watch This and It Will Change Your Life

Make it Possible from Animals Australia on Vimeo.

Kids, our friend Rosemary, the Passionate Crone, posted this today on facebook. If you watch it, it will be impossible to be unmoved or unchanged. It hit my heart, which already, as you know, suffers for the animals. I have kids and grandkids who are raw vegans because of the cruel treatment of animals in what are euphemistically called "factory farms". The fact this is allowed is mind-boggling. The fact that we ingest this trauma on our dinner plates makes me think no good can come of it. 

At the very least, those of us who care need to lobby for humane lives for animals raised for food. And we need to use our purchasing dollars to buy only food that has been humanely produced and raised and to simply refuse to eat anything that comes from a factory farm. We have choices. We can buy our eggs from local farmers, our chickens too, if we eat meat. The only thing that will change agro-business is the bottom line. If there are no profits from warehousing cages of animals, maybe they will stop. At least, we wont be participating in this gruesome business any longer.

Watch this film, if you can bear to.  It hits the heart and once you know, you cant un-know. Then it becomes about choice.


  1. Once I read this, I couldn't watch. I buy from Harvest Foods for local farm raised and grown. It is expensive, so I limit poultry and fish (don't eat the four-legged). Thanks for staying on top of this, Sherry.

  2. Factory farms are just greedy money machines treating animals like they were some kind of currency. I myself buy meat from the local farmer, instead of buying it cheaper at the supermarket.

  3. ugh. what a harsh reality...its stomach turning to think...its so wide spread as well..because you know restaurants dont use least not most so it goes well beyond the grocers to any mass producer....

  4. people forget Upton Sinclair's expose' The Jungle ( a century ago set in motion the very concept of citizen action. agri/agro-business (and large firms in general) have co-opted a fundamental human need - food production - to the detriment of not just people, but the animals on which "we" feed. (Like Susan, I refrain from mammals.) ~

  5. Thanks for re-sharing, Sherry. Powerful fare.


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