Sunday, February 23, 2014

Life Without Limits

When this man says
"there is no boundary" -
no limit in 
or in living -
when his rich life of the mind
discovers the outermost reaches 
of the universe,
while he is entrapped
inside his body,
you have to tell yourself:
there are truly
no limits -
to any horizon,
to any dream,
to any goal,
at all.

I just watched Stephen Hawking's dvd about his life, and am in awe. 
Just no excuse for not following our dreams, for making every moment count.


  1. i am fascinated with hawking...his new thoughts on black holes...i have universe in a nutshell and brief history of time...he is rather mind blowing...and to know of him, puts everything into perspective...

  2. You really gotta enjoy life and follow your dreams no matter what! You never know what might happen of positive and negative encounters throughout your journey in life!

  3. There are limits, but we also create limits...better to think there or no limits....

  4. It is nice to think that there are no limits, Sherry, except those that we impose on ourselves.

  5. Thank you for the reminder, Sherry. Ideas cannot be imprisoned in a body or in a jail.

  6. He's amazing isn't he? Didn't know there was a video. I'll have to look it up.

  7. That is true freedom I've put it down so nicely

  8. Yes, you're right, Sherry, and I must stop fussing about the limitations my body places on me. Good grief, imagine the knowledge that would be lost if he had given in to his bodily limitations. Makes me feel silly and foolish and a whole lot wimpier than I realized.
    Luv, K

  9. Steven Hawking is truly an amazing mind and mind... But just remember the close proximity between zero and infinity...

  10. we need more Hawkings and fewer Idols ~

  11. Thank you. I went to two Postal centers to try to send you a package. I must walk through many hoops to do - customs etc. Brought some paperwork home - ugh! And you know how I feel about the US Postal service.

  12. You are so very right. Thanks for inspiration and as always your sweet empathetic energy. K. (Manicddaily)

  13. I am amazed by Hawking's intellectual development and personal mastery. Effort and determination are key. Not unlike the physical development and personal development of elite athletes. I often remind myself that, essentially, we all come with the same equipment, accented differently. We choose how to use it.

  14. Thank you for the reminder that there is always a way, but first we must dream it. If we can imagine it, it's possible. Great and timely tribute,


  15. I think that it's very important for us 'Humans' to remember that we're more than bodies of clay. And I believe that by stretching-out our consciousness throughout the universal environnement we may act more peacefully on our planet.


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