Friday, February 21, 2014

Playing Chicken with One Heart

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The music of love
was mixed,
as were your messages,
and so were the old tapes
in my head,
which kept me too fearful
to make the leap off the ledge

I needed guarantees,
safety equipment
that could not be given,
to the security of my nest,
with all its known dimensions,
where the tapes began to croon
the Safe Chicken blues.


  1. Been there and done that! Great write, Sherry.

  2. Oh the safe chicken blues. Only thing worse is salmonella.

  3. There is something to be said for jumping head first, heart first into the nest!

  4. I great reminder that love songs are themselves little traps for the hopelessly romantic, and not always a reflection of the real world.

  5. "The safe chicken blues" may still be better than "The chicken roasted by love". Life presents us with such hard choices, but we must trust the signs, our intuition, and question mixed messages.
    I like this poem Sherry. It's clever and creative.

  6. Sherry....I am pretty sure, at least as far as I am concerned, that safety net doesn't exist. It is taking me all my life to figure it out even in the face of overwhelming evidence. These bleus you speak of make for good songs as long as too many of them aren't specifically about your I love this line of thinking for the prompt, as always, you make me proud!!!!

  7. Oh I know of what you speak, we're a right pair. I too was searching for a safety net of some kind but have since learned that love doesn't come with one.

  8. I am cackling-you are clever! I love the truth and of course the chicken~

  9. we can talk ourselves out of life
    for fear of the risk---
    and miss the fall
    of love.


  10. Well, Sherry. I agree...if there are mixed messages, it is time to walk away! Better sooner than later.

  11. don't we all do that a time or two... nicely expressed Sherry,,,,

  12. Safe Chicken blues are sung best by those who know how far the sky can fall. But also keep us wondering. Great stuff!

  13. you did wonderfully with the prompt. especially love the bit about the safety equipment, too bad it's not always a guarantee!

    stacy lynn mar

  14. no safe chickens, if you read Glenn Butkus' pen over at dVerse! ~

  15. Gosh, I was so young when I played chicken with my heart...Love how you wrote of love. Charlie and have the same first and last initials so we say, " I don't remember anything B.C." lol

  16. Love those 'safe chicken' blues, you were right to run away, the missteps can be danger, taking a chance is so hard of the heart. Love you Sherry!


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