Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Setting Wounda Free

Wounda's Journey from the Jane Goodall Institute on Vimeo.

This is so touching - Jane Goodall took part in setting this chimp, Wounda - who had come close to dying in captivity - free on an island paradise, where other chimps are already living. Jane says for her 80th birthday next year, the best gift she could receive is if funds are raised to free the 60 other chimps waiting to be set free as well. When Wounda hugs Jane, to thank her for her freedom, I wept. Tissue alert! So moving.

This would be a good cause to contribute to, if anyone has some extra dollars to spare - contact the Jane Goodall Institute or www.janegoodall.org . 


  1. This is so very touching, Sherry!

  2. Nice. I am glad she got a second chance.

  3. I considered Not watching this, because my heart is so tender. My eyes are now clean with happiness for Wounda, but sorrow for the rest. And my tears don't help at all. I'll try to make a contribution.

  4. awww....def pings the heart hard...and that she got a second chance...we are all connected, even the animals....maybe especially....


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