Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Portal of Transformation

Doorway to Beyond

A portal of transformation in the cosmos
is ajar.
The deep Feminine is inviting us
to step out
farther than we have ever been,
and, at the same time, to listen, listen......
Listen to the Voice Within,
to our celestial guides,
and to the pleas of all other species,
all over the planet.

All are making 
their cries and lamentations
at what is happening
to our individual and collective worlds,
as we struggle towards
our evolutionary re-birth
as a community
of souls.


  1. So true, through this door souls will go to another world..........

  2. some key lines...
    the crying out...
    the need of a rebirth
    of community....
    our need
    to listen...

    i hear

  3. Amen! Yes, we so need a rebirth-I want the world to be more green~
    Bravo Sherry!

  4. We need to listen, feel, step out, and truly evolve
    ......so uplifting...

  5. How Expansive! From the inner core through the door to all. I'm ready.

  6. I love this. Well done. Very very cool. :-)

  7. Yes, the feminine is in charge now. Rebirth is imminent.

  8. there is much to cry about, and much to struggle with and for ~

  9. I really liked this! A community of souls...Yes!! :-)


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