Thursday, February 6, 2014

No Turning Back

On the path of transformation
there is no turning back:
autumn turns to winter,
middle-aged to old,
every step and every moment
moving us forward.

We carry nostalgia
for the times that are no more,
resistance to the speed
rushing us through
our shortening days.

The secret is to let go 
like the last leaf
on the fat old oak
and drift dreamily through 
the present moment,

Knowing that above all, 
around all, 
beyond all,
all is as it is meant to be.
We wander through our days
wrapped all in beauty.

The moon will be waxing 
half-full tonight.
Listen for Wild Woman's howl.

One from the archives, kids, as my brain is vegetative at the moment. No turning back from that fact either! Cackle!


  1. Yes, Sherry, autumn does turn to winter....far too soon!!

  2. There's nothing wrong with your brain, you're just too tired most of the time. Anyway, this is another classic of yours. I love it and will try to float in air like the last leaf. Got to admit I resist my aging transformation.

  3. let go like that last goes through its seasons just like nature...and we know too that if we endure them, there is another side...being present too...enjoy the season for what it is...

  4. And yes let go like a leaf ~ And I will be listening, smiles ~

  5. I drift dreamily far too often for my own good -lol-and will happily join Wild Woman in howling at the moon...

  6. It has a message for us all and we have to flow along life's flow.

  7. Lovely poem & picture, Sherry. Yes, change is constant ... but we can be still, if for a moment, standing in that beautiful light. :)

  8. absolutely love the last stanza...

    i do believe that the moon (and nature) can teach us a lot about living in the present moment.

    beautiful read!

    stacy lynn mar

  9. A leaf drops and is forgotten. Life can be just as philosophically true in many ways! Nicely Sherry!


  10. really a timely reminder, Sherry. thank you. xoxo

  11. Oh, I love it - truth - pure truth. I really love that photo of you.

  12. Well said my friend, all is as it should be, it is us that gets contrary sometimes. We have to go with the flow. That makes it easy...and we will be, then we will fade, as it should be.

  13. so well said ... loved it dear friend.


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