Monday, February 17, 2014

In Love with the West Wind

The beautiful Tofino harbour

Kids, I fell in love in Tofino. And look who I fell in love with (she also fell in love with me). Excuse the wood chips on my socks!

Her name is Soupy, and she totally "got" my vibe. She attached herself to my front, under my chin, laid her little head on me and our conversation went something like this:


Hello. Hello.

Pretty birdy.

I said to Chris, "Finally, I have met someone on my conversational level." Cackling.

My friend, Christine Lowther,  noted West Coast poet,
environmental and animal activist,
and lover of the earth. With Soupy.

Where to start? Four GLORIOUS beach walks. Waves. Varying weather. Including a wonderful storm Saturday night. Add to that chocolate, yummy vegetarian food, a great friend, a bird and a dog - what more is there? Take a peek:

Sophie, with the toy I brought her

She kind of liked me, too.

Tuff City girl, and friend

Beach walks were heavenly. The waves were wonderful, and we enjoyed sunshine, sunset, grayness, light rain - an array of much gentler weather than is usual here in winter. 

Behind those trees is the world class destination resort, the Wickaninnish Inn, which brooked enormous local opposition when it was first proposed, but which seems to have fitted itself into the landscape  as unobtrusively as possible. We've gotten used to it.

How I have missed sunsets at Chestermans. Years of missing!

Next day was beach gray, and lovely, with
wave action that delighted the surfers.

This is a wonderful place for young people....and dogs.......

..........and birds! This man strolled the shore with a band of crows  and a couple of large ravens hopping alongside him very sedately. Every twenty yards or so, he would stop, they would sit,  watching him expectantly, and he would share with them the contents of his pockets. Friend of crows and ravens! I decided I will be another one,once I am back there.

Happy dogs are everywhere.
This was Pup's favourite beach. 
Sophie is lucky, as she lives at Chestermans.

You can see Lone Cone in the background.

I was delighted by the waves,and could not get enough of them.
At the house, I could still hear them,
and slept better than I have in years.

"Downtown" Tofino - overlooking the harbour

Upstairs in this building is a wonderful art gallery  full of West Coast art.

Downstairs is the Whale Center, my first job - selling tickets to whale tours - 
when I first moved to Tuff City.

The Village Green, center of festivities for such events  as the Whale Festival in March,
and farmers' and artists' markets in summer.

This is the heart of the village center - the eclectic shops, galleries, post office and bank
are all within a four-block radius. I love that about it. Village life is just my size - so friendly. The energy of this place is amazing. It is a power place. The ley lines intersect in a way which draws certain of us to her: artists, environmentalists, writers, poets, seekers and dreamers. I am among my people there.

A gust of wind
wraps around me
like a hug,
sings joyously in the tops of the trees,
It's like the place itself
has missed me.
I'm so in love
with the westerly.

Take a left at Brown Rice Corner.
Hang my heart
on the topmost tree.
A deep sense of homecoming
fills my heart:
I'll be back -
make a place for me.


  1. Thank you for sharing the weekend you just spent in Tofino with animals wind and harbour and town center and love.

  2. So beautiful-- great pics and words --and birds! Thanks. K.

  3. Wonderful photos, Sherry. I can see why you would want to move there. Your conversation with the bird made me smile :)

  4. Lovely photos, Sherry; and enjoyed reading your words of love about Tofino. I can see that it is a beautiful place and do understand why you love it so!

  5. wow. you had some cool adventures...and what a friend in that bird as well..ha....def looks like a place to fall in love you actually came back? or have you smuggled yourself there for good? smiles.

  6. That is truly being in the heart of
    Soupy and Sophie..Nature in Her cutest form.....
    Thanks for sharing Sherry... :)

  7. What amazing pictures. So glad you had such a good time. I'm sure Tofino is making a place for you.

  8. What a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing pictures and words with us...Now i want to visit there :)

  9. sherry, i have enjoyed this post so much!

    thanks for sharing these pieces of your life, it's quite beautiful!

    stacy lynn mar

  10. How wonderful, Sherry. I love the bird that loves you, and the dog who seems to love you, too. !!
    I am going to dream of the sound of waves tonight. So happy for you.
    Luv, K

  11. you know how the term trophic cascade was mentioned and narrated in you other post concerning the wolf's return, Tofino seems to manifest this condition with your return mi amiga. beautiful and more understandable to my cognition as to why you have for so long spoken about this lovely place. i wish your return to the home of your soul and we will all live vicariously through your journey with wide smiles.

    gracias for sharing mi amiga

  12. Wonderful pictures to Soupy and Sophie sweet they are..thanks for sharing those wonderful moments with us :-)

  13. Absolutely beautiful Sherry. What a place!

    I especially like the pic of you and Soupy on the couch. :)

  14. Beautiful! I love Soupy and Sophie-you had the best time-rambling in nature with someone who understands the rhythm and doesn't rush you is the best gift! Pup was with you in spirit (((hugs))) You have a cool friend!

  15. gorgeous, and the bird and dog are hilarious! him sitting on the edge of the couch getting a scratch... :) ~

  16. Dear Sherry It's been a busy week, without much time for the computer, but I have been wanting to get over to see how your trip went. Now that I've seen, do I need ask? I am so is beautiful! I am in touch with that feeling, I miss 'it', and 'it' misses me.

  17. This is such a beautiful place and I like your bird friend. Birds are so cool I have one that lives with me. Thanks for sharing your adventure. I hope soon you make your way back ;)


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