Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tribute to an Everyday Hero

Written for Gabriella's prompt at Poetry Jam: to write a tribute poem to someone we admire. I didn't have to look far!

He's a laid back kinda guy,
humble, quick to encourage others,
while seeing the best
in everyone else.

Loves his wife, adores his kids,
is a good dad,
makes them laugh,
really listens to them,
and teaches them
what they need to know.

He cares about his students,
cries with them,
- " I feel you, man" -
drives them to the hospital,
is there in their most desperate hours.
They still remember, and are grateful,
when they meet by chance
somewhere out in the world,
years later.
"How's it goin', man?"
he'll ask.
"Good? Great!
How's the baby?"

He never thinks he's doing enough,
yet he does more
than any six other people. 
When it comes to caring,
no one can beat him:
from the homeless man he 
exchanges smiles with every morning,
to the lady on the park bench feeding the pigeons,
he knows everyone on his beat.
He sees their humanity 
- our shared humanity -
and when he tells us their stories,
he makes us see it, too.

His stories make us smile,
or cry,
makes our hearts ache,
or soar,
but we always come away
feeling good -
feeling kinder.
He reminds us of those struggling humans
we need to keep on our radar,
so they don't fall through the cracks.

He's a good man,
this Brian of Waystation One,
one of the best,
with a heart bigger 
than all of Virginia,
an everyday hero,
who keeps doing what he's doing
to try to make a difference
in this world.
So I wrote this poem
to tell him "Thanks!"
and that - I noticed.


  1. Hurrah! A fine tribute on a perfect subject. I like the family photo too.

  2. Great tribute to the man who is Brian. You have managed to capture so much in your poem. Brian is indeed a good person.

  3. smiles. i think i am blushing sherry....
    using some of my own words against me there too...ha. i am what i am and am a product of what was first given to me.

    thank you.

  4. I could not agree more ... Brian is a gem.

  5. Oh! wow, everybody's gonna love it!

  6. What a wonderful poem! What a treat to have a tribute written by you! And yes, Brian is quite a person!

  7. Oh...what a great tribute...thanks for enlightening us about Brain!

  8. This is a wonderful tribute to a friend, Sherry, and I'm sure everyone who has ever received one of Brian's kind and helpful comments on a poem will consider him a friend. One of the good guys for sure.

  9. A gem of a poem for a gem of a man. excellent and well deserved tribute. (Not so sure about the hair cut!!)

  10. well said, Sherry ~

  11. What a wondeful tribute, Sherry! You have encapsulated a lot of Brian's qualities and features in your poem. Every since I have posted on the poetry blogosphere I have appreciated his encouragements and loyalty.

  12. wow! glad i saw this link on facebook!

  13. this is awesome Sherry....a very well written tribute to a wonderful person like Brian...

  14. This amazing man even took the time to ask if my hubby was all right. I was so touched that he returned to my blog to ask for an update after my hubby's operation. It meant so much. A wonderful tribute.

  15. Fine fine tribute Sherry ~ Brian is really amazing and sets a great example to all of us ~

  16. Sherry this is such a wonderful tribute! You picked a great person to honor!

  17. great tribute to one of my favorite poets...

  18. I'm so happy to read this tribute to Brian. He is a hero. I especially like:

    He sees their humanity
    - our shared humanity -
    and when he tells us their stories,
    he makes us see it, too.

  19. This really touched my heart, Sherry. Brian is the best kind of person. We're so fortunate to have him in our circle.

  20. Nicely written. Just about covers every aspect! And now I know Brian! That's a great family pic.

  21. What a lovely tribute to a good man! Thanks for sharing that, my friend...

  22. Thanks Sherry for expressing what so many of us feel. He's a wonderful, kind and generous person, not to mention talented. Your poem describes him perfectly.

  23. Fabulous Sherry- he is a great man! Lucky you!

  24. A fine tribute to a great man that we all love!
    I am sharing this on my Facebook.

  25. Wonderful words about a wonderful man. This is such a nice piece!

  26. Nice! You captured the Brian we've come to know and admire. I agree 100%!!!

  27. I agree - the man is a phenom. Does he sleep, I wonder?

  28. We all noticed, Sherry, at least those who have felt his touch across the waves of ether ...

  29. When this was published I attempted twice to comment - no luck. lets see about today. I thought this work - perfect. Each word was marvelously true and a pleasure to read.

  30. Thank you for the tribute to Brian. He is the best!
    Supports us all in the kindest way! Writes a good line most of the time.

  31. Perfect tribute and said so well

  32. Brother, samaritan, husband, father, gifted poet, almost a priest once, latter day L.Cohen, this man has, and does it all; one of a kind, a gift to all of us.

  33. Couldn't agree more, Sherry. Brian and you both deserve all the praise in the world for your support of other writers. Thanks to you both.


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