Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's All Love, Charlie Brown

creator Charles M. Schulz

I sought love, in all its guises,
recoiled in pain, heart frozen, bleak.
Then "just give love" my friend advised me;
"Learn to give instead of seek."

So "I love you" to the river,
and "I love you" to the trees.
"I love you" to the furry creatures
walking at my knees.

"I love you" to the dawn,
and to the night when day has gone.
My heart grew full with all this loving,
I have built my life upon.

posted for Susan's way cool prompt at Poets United's Mid Week Motif: Love


  1. I very enjoyed this Sherry... it speaks of a search with all the ups and downs before you find the right place...

  2. I like this, Sherry. Loving GIVEN does tend to multiply back somehow...perhaps in a different form, but it does return!

  3. It seems that the larger we love the more we grow, and here you give love to the world which welcomes you daily. Good.

  4. It does tend to come back to us when we chose to give.

  5. You are certainly a giver, Sherry! You friend was a good advisor but it takes a strong person to follow this kind of advice.

  6. Where I hang around, we have a saying: "You can't keep it without giving it away" and it pretty much implies what you've said so poetically here. A truth few realize until, in some cases, too late.
    Good stuff, Sherry my friend.
    Luv, K

  7. learning to give instead of seeking,
    in that you will def find love---i agree....
    and it pour back on you all the more...

  8. Sherry,

    Your endless love overflowth so much and so often:)
    I do hope that you find love being given back in your direction too Sherry...Much deserved:)

  9. It must be easy for you to write a poem about love. It oozes from you. May you love and be loved always.

  10. perfect to the Peanuts strip, too, Sherry :) ~

  11. Love can impose all kinds of emotions right from day one. And it is not confined to feelings among mankind. Your extension to other elements is a clever twist, Sherry! Great!


  12. Pretty much in the moment here. Lovely!

  13. You're one of the most loving/giving people we know Sherry. Thank you dear one.

  14. It carries a very good message for us all:)

  15. I love is to give of yourself.

  16. This is the first "love" poem that I have read today and it is so wonderful - perhaps because of its kernel of truth. I haven't written in a while so off I go dear friend.

  17. that was 'just right.' Loved the love poem.

  18. Things become second nature after a while..all habit and retuning the brain I guess...just love Charlie Brown..I always wanted to be Peppermint Pattie..confident and robust..guess I'm a worrier like Charlie though!

  19. that is give and not seek.lovely dxbnidblog

  20. such a joyful way too live, leave no room for sorrow! :)


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